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Attacks on electric grid in Arkansas

There have been many posts about the danger of smart grids. One of the risks identified is that of being attacked by terrorists. Well, it looks like that has happened in Arkansas. The attack came on 21 August, 2013. This is just another indication of the vulnerability of such systems. Another big reason to avoid smart grids is the privacy concern. With the smart grid, there is real time data on how much electricity you are using along with the ability of them to reduce the flow or cut it off. This technology is not all it is being presented as. Although Pecan Street is being promoted in Texas, you need to consider the real threat of EMP and terrorist activities as well. All that convenience means they can conveniently go down as well.

Liberty for Texas!


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Freedom of Speech with consequences

These days, with social media, people often use their freedom of speech and speak their mind. It is good to speak your mind and voice your opinions about politicians, policies, etc. Previous generations fought and died for that liberty. They wanted you to be free to speak your mind. They wanted you to question what is going on around you, they wanted you to ask for the facts. You may have seen the news articles about the 100’s of words that will get you monitored by the empire. The reality is that they listen to it all. With operations like Stellar Wind, they track it all. Yes, you can say what you want, but it will be noted, cataloged, scanned and observed for patterns. In other words, you will be profiled.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, your words, comments, likes and travel are monitored for patterns. Like a profiler, the empire sorts through these items and uses computer programs that would make CSI proud to attempt making sense out of those items.

Instead of your tax dollars being spent on monitoring you and looking through your dirty laundry, we need liberty.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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Playing ‘hide the pea’ with internet regulations and privacy

The O-regime has now gone on the record as backing ‘voluntary’ guidelines for web companies regarding privacy. Note the operative word ‘voluntary’. On the surface, it sounds good, yet the empire expects these companies to monitor your use of their services yet not allow advertisers access to where you go and what you buy.

In a classic illustration of double-speak, the Federal Trade Commission will be monitoring those companies who voluntarily adhere to the guidelines. (Having Big Brother look over your shoulder does not sound like voluntary to me). This is the same regime that issued flyers documenting that if you are concerned about ‘privacy’ on the internet, you are exhibiting suspicious behavior.

The regime makes public gestures (e.g. showtime) expressing the desire to protect privacy, yet their policies are far from voluntary and are not friendly to liberty at all.

Although this regime keeps the birth certificates, college transcripts and other documents of certain persons private and off limits, for you to do so makes you ‘suspicious!’. This is nothing more than Orwellian Double-Speak. The best solution to cutting your way through it is to look at what they do, not listen to what they say. In this case, they are cracking down on privacy, and wanting people like Google to provide them with even MORE user data.

Decide for yourself. With a government that says they care about privacy, turning your privacy concern into ‘suspicious’ behavior, wanting more information from service providers, and spying more, it is obvious to me. When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck…

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah


The Purge has begun

Although the outpouring of support for SOPA was nice to see in terms of standing up to the empire, a great deal of it is show. With increasing frequency, government reviewers have begun sending notices to ISP’s regarding information on websites, blogs, etc. that are not in keeping with the regime’s agenda. The main focus at this time is health care information. If you share information about vitamins, natural food, vaccines or other health items that are not in keeping with what they consider the ‘public health’, notices are being sent to the ISP’s requesting the information or site be shut down. Although this is one of the items that people did not want to occur with SOPA, the reality is that the regime is behaving as if SOPA had been passed already.

Whether or not such a purge is legal, it has begun. The nazi regime were sticklers for ‘health’ related items and it seems that this regime is following the Nazi playbook in this area.

With this in mind, I am including in this post, some of the pages I authored on health items. If you have favorite health sites, take note of them now, for the information will likely be pulled or restricted in the future. Being well-informed is a major part of securing a free people. We need access to information to make informed decisions on raw milk, vitamins, vaccines and other issues. In writing my latest history, I was struck by how one of the first things Yankee invaders did in Louisiana was enforcing the population to be vaccinated, even though many of the vaccines they used were intentionally contaminated. This is not from the modern pages, but it could be as seen by the Tuskeegee syphilis studies, the regimes medical research in Guatemala. This occurred in 1864 and the regime has not changed much.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

Too Many Vaccines?

The Problem with multiple vaccines

There is growing concern among parents regarding the number of vaccines that children now receive. Children are required by government schools to have completed the required vaccines prior to enrolling in school. The list of required vaccines continues rising, along with the costs. The number of vaccines raises concerns about safety and reasons for the large numbers of vaccines.

To put the situation in perspective consider that about one hundred years ago, children received a single vaccine for smallpox. Over time, the number of vaccines increased to five, which was about forty five years ago. These five vaccines were for diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, polio, and smallpox. In the past forty years the number doubles to where today’s children receive 11 routine vaccines. Many of the vaccines are in the form of multiple shots.
Many parents are ‘in the dark’ concerning knowing how many antigens their children are exposed to in the ever increasing number of recommended vaccinations.
Many parents are ‘in the dark’ concerning knowing how many antigens their children are exposed to in the ever increasing number of recommended vaccinations.
Increasing costs of vaccines

In the early 1980’s the cost to immunize a child with the required vaccines was $75 to $100. Not only has the number of vaccines doubled, the cost has more than doubled. Presently the cost of obtaining the recommended vaccines is about $1,250. Even accounting for inflation, the increase in cost is dramatic. The cost is about to become more for teenage girls. The vaccination that reportedly protects against cervical cancer costs about $360 for a three dose series, which raises the total for the vaccines to about $1600. Although the number of shots has been reduced, the combination shots make it difficult to trace down which shot children are experiencing a reaction to when there are side effects.

Number of Antigens Children are exposed to

Part of the reason for the increased costs is that many of these vaccinations are for multiple antigens. (An antigen is a compound which when introduced into your body stimulates your immune system to produce chemical substances called ‘anti-bodies’. These antibodies are instructed to either kill or neutralize any substance they consider a ‘threat’.)

The combination shots increase the cost of the vaccines. One of the reasons for the combo shots is an effort to reduce the number of physical injections the child receives. In terms of the number of chemicals injected into the developing bodies of children is amazing. . When a girl receives all doses of all the recommended vaccines, the number of antigens received is 156 in the form of 45 shots. Boys, on the other hand receive 144 vaccine antigens in about 42 injections.

The government recommends many vaccinations. The required vaccinations include: hepatitis A and B; inactivated poliovirus (IPV); rotavirus; haemophilus influenzae Type B (Hib); measles, mumps, rubella (MMR); pneumococcal conjugate (PCV); varicella (chickenpox); influenza; and diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP). In addition, there is Tdap — tetanus diphtheria and acellular pertussis vaccine and meningitis vaccine (MCV4) for those entering high school.

Vaccine Reactions

Researches have documented reactions to the pertussis and chicken pox vaccines. The danger with the chicken pox is that many of those vaccinated develop shingles within 10 years of the vaccination.

Vaccination has been cited as one of the ten greatest public health achievements of the 20th century. However, it doesn’t require an advanced degree in science to grasp that the public health accolades, celebrating high vaccination rates and low infection rates, have lead to serious health consequences across the globe. Among those consequences are biological reactions to vaccine ingredients. Vaccine ingredients seem to be playing a substantial role in some of today’s health problems.

Sometimes it is the additives to the vaccines that create problems rather than the vaccines themselves. Gelatin, one of many ingredients often used has been documented to cause allergies and asthma. Vaccines known to contain gelatin include chickenpox, MMR, Boostrix (a pertussis booster for teens), Tripedia (DTaP) and Zostrix which is the vaccine used for adult shingles.

Formaldehyde is another dangerous additive. It is used to inactivate some of the bacteria in the vaccines. It has also been found to interrupt the normal function of the immune system. Although the CDC site downplays the exposure and danger of formaldehyde, the National Cancer Institute identifies it as ‘known human carcinogen’. Formaldehyde, besides being a preservative for lab specimens, can cause watery eyes, burning sensations in the eyes and throat, nausea, difficulty in breathing and asthma attacks. The chemical is categorized as a hazardous chemical on eight federal regulatory lists. With the current vaccine children receive more than ten times the recommended safe amounts. Vaccines containing formaldehyde include DTaP, polio, and influenza.

MSG is another common additive. MSG is added to ‘stabilize’ the vaccines. MSG is often used as a flavor enhancer, yet in some populations, the substance agitates the neural system.

Egg proteins are also contained in some vaccines. Although government sites downplay the the potential reaction, people who are allergic to egg proteins may react to these substances.

Another type of additive in many vaccines are adjuvats. These are chemical substances used to enhance the potency of the vaccine chemicals. Variations of aluminum salts are often used in human based vaccines. At times, oil based adjuvats are included in vaccines. One of the controversial ones is squalene. Squalene triggers a strong auto-immune response to antibodies. Squalene is controversial in many circles. According to the CDC, no vaccines produced in the US contain squalene.

“There is no squalene in any FDA-approved vaccine in the US. There is no squalene in any kind of seasonal flu vaccine or in the H1N1 vaccine.”-Patricia El-Hinnawy

This is in contradiction to the statements of vaccine manufacturers. One spokesmen at GlaxoSmithKline, claims that its vaccines do have squalene.

“A novel feature of the two H1N1 vaccines being developed by companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline is the addition of squalene-containing adjuvants to boost immunogenicity and dramatically reduce the amount of viral antigen needed. This translates to much faster production of desired vaccine quantities.”-Meryl Nass, MD

With all the controversy, it behooves parents to consider the old Latin phrase, “Let the buyer beware”. You will need to investigate matters yourself and find medical information you trust.
Follow the Money

The sales figures for preventative vaccines in 2007 amounted to $16.3 billion. This is an crease from the $11.7 billion generated in 2006. Since many vaccines are mandated by governments, the likelihood of the sales declining is low. The portion of these numbers that were for pediatric vaccines was $8 billion.


Reasons to Just say no to vaccines by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO,

July 10, 2008

Number of Vaccines, Complex Shot Schedule, Confuse Patients, Monday July 31, 2006, Associated Press

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The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

Today, many websites are going dark in protest of the heavy-handed legislation currently being considered by the CON-gress. What many of these sites have not told you is that the DNC (Democratic National Committee) chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one of the co-sponsors of this act. The original author of the bill, Texas Congressman Lamar Smith has reportedly claimed that he sees little wrong with the bill. The author’s rarely see the problems or potential problems. The real danger is how the regime and judges will define the bill, not so much what the author intended.

We oppose the unconstitutional constraints on freedom of speech and commerce posed by SOPA. This act, like many others such as the NDAA are unwarranted and egregious overstepping of Constitutional authority by Congress. It contains provisions, like section 105 that allow the government to seize sites that in their determination pose a threat to public health. With the passage of such an act, many alternative health sites and people who have opinions contrary to the government policy on health, they are at risk of being shut down. Yes, this means information on vitamins, vaccinations, and agrarian living (including the freedom to have raw milk, raw milk cheese and other healthy items deemed ‘dangerous’ by thte government) would be in the cross-hairs of government agents. Such acts are common in police states where they want ‘centralized control’ over many if not all aspects of people’s lives.

Some surprising line-ups occurred in opposition to SOPA. This is one of the few times that Ron Paul and Lloyd Doggett have agreed in their opposition to SOPA. This is a bad bill and needs to be opposed on many grounds.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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Obama speaks the truth-for once!

While on a speaking tour of the midwest, President Obama visited Kansas. He opened his speech by telling the audience “It’s great to be back in the State of Texas!” ( . Remember that portions of Kansas once belonged to Texas. It was only when the Congress violated the Constitution and created new States out of portions of Texas that once contained portions of Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado. Although he has not likely studied Texas history, this gaff is ‘inspired’. In the same speech he also claimed that now is the “Make or break” moment for the middle class. This is also ironic, since his regime has done it’s darndest to break the middle class and incite further class warfare in the empire.

In his typical style of audacity, he even went so far as to blame the internet for recent job losses. (“Layoffs too often became permanent, not part of the business cycle. And these changes didn’t just affect blue collar workers. If you were a bank teller or a phone operator or a travel agent, you saw many in your profession replaced by ATMs and the internet,“) This is the same President that wants more internet as per his jobs speech on September 8 of this year (“The American Jobs Act will repair and modernize at least 35,000 schools. It will put people to work right now fixing roofs and windows, installing science labs and high-speed Internet in classrooms all across this country”.) So is he wanting to kill more jobs? Does he view the internet as good or bad? Or is this another one of his hypnotic statements which he often includes to ‘zone out’ his audience? Who knows for sure. I know that hot water and cold water do not come out of the same tap.

There is an old saying that a broken clock is right twice a day. I guess a broken President is right a few times as well.

Liberty for Texas! (and while we are at it, let’s claim our land back, since the whole land deal was filled with deceptive underhanded dealing).

J Murrah

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Dept of Justice wants to pursue social networks

You would think that the Department of Justice would have better things to do than to chase after people who report false weight on or have a second identity on Facebook. Apparently the priorities at the Department of Justice under Eric Holder chooses to chase down social network violators rather than Black Panthers who engage in voter intimidation. So apparently false information is more dangerous and threatening than bullying voters. This is the same department that Radical Muslims are demanding to make criticizing Islam (Mohammedism) a crime.

This latest news item is worth reading. According to the article, the DOJ wants more prosecutorial power in these areas since they “jeopardize prosecutions involving identity theft, misuse of government databases, and privacy invasions”. The statement about government databases was of particular interest. Since when is Facebook and or any other social network site a ‘government database’? The comment by the Richard Downing, the Justice Department’s deputy computer crime chief may reveal more about their true motives behind the empire’s actions. He may have revealed more than he intended. Is it that the social networks are being used as the government’s database? If you are using a fictitious identity, whose identity is stolen? and whose privacy is invaded with such errors in reporting? Downings comment is very telling for anyone who can connect the dots on the empire and their actions.

The article goes on to state,

“The Justice Department claims to have an interest in enforcing Terms of Use and computer use policies under the CFAA, but its examples mostly consist of cases in which the conduct described has already been criminalized by statutes other than the CFAA.”

It is worth noting how the DOJ claims to ‘have an interest’. What is the DOJ’s legal standing in a relationship between the user and the social network. There is no room in such an arrangement for a government agent. The DOJ is stepping into that space and now wants to be the enforcer of such agreements. In other words, they want the role of ‘cyber cop’.

I also find the word ‘criminalize’ of interest. This is just the latest action where laws are used to create crimes where none existed before. This is just the latest “malum in re“, an act that is termed illegal based solely on the law, not on any social or religious morals. These acts are not wrong because they are evil, they are wrong because the empire has intentionally made them a crime.

The whole episode shows how messed up the justice department is in terms of priorities. I thought the Bush II regime’s Justice Department was out of whack by focusing on porn ahead of protecting the border. This regime is even more out to lunch. Instead of protecting us from boobs and prosecuting illegal boobs, now they let the illegals go, have the boobs enforce the law and turn us into the criminals.

If nothing else, the Obama regime provides lots of laughs.

We need common sense in laws. We need common sense in what the government focuses its attention. Instead of people who lie about their age, weight or have a fictitious avatar, we need people who protect the borders from criminal immigrants, enforce the laws according to the Constitution, and bust criminal politicians. In other words we need a government that respects the limits of the law rather than criminalizing social network activities.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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DHS to monitor Social Media

Now Homeland Security (a misnomer if there ever was) is taking steps to monitor the social media networks like twitter for any signs of social unrest. The government think tank is now attempting to profile trouble-makers and identify patterns of social unrest.

This tells me that their investment with start up capitol in social network sites have not given them the kind of information they wanted. Since the government is not allowed to have such detailed networks themselves, they pay for others to do their dirty work in collecting personal information on the citizenry. Although the citizenry have generally complied with the requests, they now want MORE! (no surprise here).

Apparently the social unrest in Tunisia, Egypt and other locations have concerned them. Now that Occupy Wall Street is growing out of control and turning ugly, they are using the unrest to promote MORE government interventions. Never mind that the government had a big hand in Occupy Wall Street from the beginning and openly supports it. What remains to be seen is will those who support OWS pay for the damage inflicted on personal property and businesses. Bear in mind, that the colonists paid for all that tea they damaged in Boston harbor. Will Occupy Oakland pay the port, Whole Foods and other businesses they destroyed? There is a vast difference between vandals and patriots in their methods and behaviors. ‘By their fruits, ye shall know them’ makes it very clear what kind of fruits we are dealing with with the Occupy movement.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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More Censorship is coming!

Verigsign, which manages all the .com and .net IP addresses is seeking the power to shut down ‘abusive’ websites. They want to be able to shut down sites whenever a government or government official asks them too. They want to be able to shut down non-legitmate domain names when requested to do so. Such requests may sound innocent, yet leaving the determination of what constitutes abuse in the hands of politicians is always dangerous.

What this means is that the mechanisms are already in place or getting in place to shut down key portions of the internet that exercise their freedom of speech and speak out against the chosen politicians or speak out on issues that are deemed ‘unacceptable’. (I wonder if that will apply to stories such as “Are these 5 White Politicians Racist (or just Bigots).” Such stories make claims and associations that are used to instill fear, rather than find the facts. In their attack on Perry, they cite his defense of the Confederate flag. I guess the writers at “News One” have not done their research on Black Confederates. Had they done their research, they would have found that more blacks served in Texas under the Confederate flag than under the Union flag in that War of Invasion, but ….doing research would make them a credible news source and require more effort, rather than fear mongering.

I expect any story that is not with the party line will become suspect. Fear mongering will likely become more rampant.

We need a free press. We need a return of our liberties and a government that increases rather than decreases liberty.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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Smart Meters are not your friend

Although the Smart Meter and Smart grid are being touted as the preferred way to go, rest assured that when the empire is supporting it, it is not good. There are three main reasons why the Smart Meter and Smart Grid are not your friends.

1. Threats to your Health
2. The risk of being hacked
3. The government’s tendency to abuse power

There is a growing body of evidence that Smart Meters pose risks to your health. Some early research has found that they pose a risk. The health issues have not been settled on this technology

With any two-way communication, there is a risk of being hacked. The smart grids which are in place have already experienced this. . If there have already been attacks, how will they prevent future ones? Remember that the military drones have also been hacked, so if the military can not protect its own toys, how can they protect the energy grid?

Since the empire abuses power like and ungrateful child. The power to monitor and control the amount of energy you and your family use will be too tempting a plum for them to avoid. If they can take full control of the energy grid, they will change lifestyles and restructure society in a new manner. Rather than allow things to unfold as part of a natural progress, they will tweak and redirect so that those elements of society they deem important get the power rather than you and your family. Not only are smart meters not your friend, the federal government is not either.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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