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LS Statement on Partial-Birth Abortion

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by Michael Hill , July 14, 2015

LS button image July 2014The crimes of one “Dr.” Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood are now going viral. What did this woman do? For those who haven’t heard, she was caught on tape trying to sell human body parts of “partially aborted babies” in conjunction with her local abortion providers, in order to maximize profit. Yes, that’s quite illegal, but I guess she figured, “hey, when you’re already in the business of ‘mass death for profit’…why let a little thing like ‘legality’ stop you”?

What good is legality in a country with no morality?

Fellow Southerners, the truth is that as hard as this barbaric, horrifying news hits us, we must remember that it’s simply the newest “peek under the hood” of what really transpires everyday within the “legalized” death industry, which the radical leftists continue to impose upon the South and her people.

The League of the South condemns the barbarous actions of “Dr.” Deborah Nucatola.

The League of the South condemns the criminal syndicate known as “Planned Parenthood”.

The League of South condemns the trafficking of body parts of murdered babies.

The League of the South upholds the sanctity and value of human life.

The League of the South affirms man as made in God’s image.

The League of the South upholds God’s Biblical laws and standards as the only legitimate basis for local, state, and federal law.

We’ve opposed the odious institution of abortion since our founding in 1994. We’ll go on opposing it until it is destroyed.

Southerners, let us remember that the only reason why heinous acts like abortion are even possible or legal in the South is that the radical, liberal, iron-fisted U.S. legal system forces our people to permit these atrocities within Southern borders. American rule of the South is a tyranny which is allowing mass murder under color of “law” in our communities. So long as the South is under control of the U. S. regime, a handful of leftist judges can and will force abortion, gay marriage, and other godless actions upon our people at any time they wish.

Let us be clear. Without the US government in Washington, DC, enforcing the will of literally five liberal judges at any given time, we Southerners could instantly stop the murder of thousands of babies a day. We could instantly stop hundreds of thousands of murders per year.

Southern men and women, you can continue to pray for a miracle in DC, and stay subjugated to the power that forces this upon you, or you can join us to help stop it much sooner, and forever.

Secession is how we stop the mass murder in our precious Southern land. Without Washington, DC, over us, most every Southern State would almost instantly make moves to clamp down on this unmitigated evil.

Without Washington, DC, over us, Southerners could craft laws based on Christian social mores and principles.

Without Washington, DC, over us, Southerners could rebuild a truly Christian nation in Dixie that cherishes human life for the treasure God made it.

Many evangelicals have been calling the United States a “Christian nation” for years. It’s past time that those evangelicals snapped out of it. The League of the South calls the United States what it is: a godless, criminal, murderous regime, which has institutionalized and protected death industries on multiple levels for far too long.

The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. Don’t you think this sinful, godless American empire has enough innocent blood on its hands? Do you think it’s high time to end abortion and these unspeakable practices once and for all in Dixie?

Southern men, and women, are you ready to secede yet? Then join us.

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2013 Texas State Conference

The 2013 Texas State Conference is quickly approaching. It will be 13 July in Conroe, Texas. The program is filled to the brim with great speakers. It is sure to be a good time in terms of fellowship and productivity.


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A timely quote by a founding father of Texas: Henry Smith

“Citizens of Texas! Descendants of Washington! awake! arouse yourselves! The question is now to be decided: are we to continue freemen, or bow beneath the rod of military despotism? Shall we, without a struggle, sacrifice our fortunes, our liberties and our lives or shall we emulate the example of our forefathers, and hurl destruction at the heads of our oppressors? The eyes of the world are upon us! All friends of liberty and the rights of man are anxious spectators of our conflict and are enlisted in our cause. Shall we disappoint their expectations? No! Let us at once fly to arms, march to the battle-field, meet the foe and give renewed evidence to the world that the arms of freemen, uplifted in defense of their liberties and rights is irresistible. ‘Now is the day and now is the hour’ that Texas expects every man to do his duty. Let us show ourselves worthy to be free and we shall be free!-”

Governor Henry Smith of Texas

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You mean there was a UN day and we missed it?

The had of the 0-regime recently proclaimed October 23, 2012 as United Nations Day. In that proclamation, he encouraged the governors of all 50 States ” to observe United Nations Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities”. In Texas, that means a trip to the gun range, using the UN flag as a doormat, and saluting it in every porta-potty one encounters. Although these would be appropriate observations of a world body that has done more to create conflicts and meddle than it has to bring peace, the passing of the day in total obscurity was also appropriate. unfreez-bt3.jpg

The UN is not a friend of the South. They do not like regional identities or sovereign nations. You need to know that. They are not friends of us securing our liberties.

The proclamation was interesting for another item. Besides encouraging the governors to observe his proclamation, he included others in the observation with the phrase “the officials of all other areas under the flag of the United States”. He essentially wants any place with the US flag to observe it. That does several things 1) Since we are under the Confederate flag, we are not included, 2) If your church is “under” the US flag, he is wanting your church to observe UN day. Will your church has special services to commemorate what Caesar has decreed? Will they honor the murdering, raping hooligans in the UN? It is my hope that you, your church and your community will wake up to how the UN is not our friend, and neither is the empire.

Liberty for Texas,

J Murrah


The Empire and its Porn

After reading an article by Lori Handrahan on how the Executive Branch of the empire’s government has a problem with porn, I began thinking through the issue. It is not surprising that they do. This is the branch that enjoys micro-managing many aspects of our lives. For the branch that micro manages to develop voyeuristic tendencies that include porn is not a surprise at all. Given that the empire spies on our lives with its many cameras, it is only a small jump for them to want to view private activities such as those portrayed in porn. The eye will want more and more. They already have porno-like scanners for their watchers. With porno scanners, it is logical for them to have an appetite for porn.

Just imagine what kind of video that these voyeurs will attain with their drones? Like peeping toms, they sneak into the bedrooms and backyards of the people wanting ‘MORE’. They know want your dignity, they want access to the private parts of your lives. They want to have the power to look. The problem is, that looking will not suffice them. They will want more, then more, then more to feed their appetite for MORE.

Porn gives the illusion of power. What would be telling is knowing what type of porn that they were viewing. It is well-known that Mordor on the Potomac is a hot spot for S&M. Given that many of these men and women have given up their honor for power and money, it is not a surprise that many revel in unnatural acts and those where power is a component. Having the porn problem documented only verifies what I had assumed. These governmental agencies and executives will demand that you respect them and their word, even though their actions do not show any earning of respect or morality. It has become respect for the position rather than respect for the person. They love telling Southrons that we MUST respect them and their authority. That sounds more like they want us to oooo and ahhhh over how powerful they are and their threat of force.

Instead of Porn-watching bureaucrats, we need men and women with honor and dignity in office. We need people that respect decency and privacy, rather than lecherous peepers scouring the internet and surveillance for their latest fix.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah


Quote to make you think

Following 9/11 a sensible nation would have stopped, or severely restricted, Muslim immigration. We took the opposite approach. Two of every five foreign-born Muslims in the USA today arrived in the last ten years. Tens of thousands of them hold extremist opinions.” John Derbyshire


The Fed show its true colors!

The federal reserve bank in Richmond decided to show its colors. Claiming to be honoring a month to honor immoral behavior, the Fed (a private corporation) displayed the rainbow flag outside of the Richmond, Virginia branch. Funny, I do not recall the Fed flying the Confederate flag during Confederate history month.

The good side of the issue is that people are speaking out about it and standing up against it.

In some ways, it could be a distraction from the plans to shift into QE3 (Quantitative Easing 3: e.g. printing more money, which devalues the current Yankee currency). Some economist view this corporation as the source of the present economic problems rather than the solution.

The corporation is a blight on the economic and cultural landscape of the South, which we would be better off without. We do not need a central bank, or corporation that functions as a central bank. This all stems from Alexander Hamilton’s extreme ideas. They were wrong at the time of the Confederation of States, and they are wrong now.

We would all be better off with the Fed getting out of the South, and take the federal government with you!

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah


More Propaganda out of Arizona!

I could not make this stuff up. The “National Institute for Civil Discourse” has been set up by the University of Arizona. As honorary heads, they have chosen former regime heads of Clinton and George H W Bush. The preposterous aspect of having such men as heads bespeaks propaganda in LARGE PRINT. Clinton armed many Mohammedeans in the Balkans. He took American sons and daughters into harm’s way in Bosnia and Kosovo. Some civility. If you don’t do what we tell you, we will kill you diplomacy at its’ best. When the courageous Michael New (a Texan) spoke out concerning his refusal to be a tool of the UN, he was court martialed. Even though Clinton did not have the authority to send US troops in there, since Congress did not stop him, he was given de facto approval.

Look at George H W Bush, who masterminded Desert Storm/Shield as part of his diplomacy. Some civility there ‘eh. How about his lying concerning his presence in Dallas the day JFK was shot? Civil communication—no way. How about his dad’s (Prescott Bush) coordination with the Hitler’s Nazi regime?, not very civil, but according to the mainstream media, who cares? How about how George H W Bush has been buddies with the Wahabbi regime in Suadi Arabia? Some civility there. Few people remember that George H W Bush’s company, Zapata offshore was involved it the Bay of Pigs fiasco. I haven’t forgotten, but apparently those that define what civility in political discourse have.

I want to know how the Bay of Pigs, Illegal invasions of Bosnia, Meddling in the affairs of other nations and back room dealing is civility.

Southrons! Beware of such propaganda. These men were not civil, nor are they friends of the South. When the Powers that be elevate them to such positions, it is glorifying their kind of one-world mindedness and making these bloody handed butchers heroes.

We need Statesmen like Jefferson Davis or Alexander Stephens as examples of civility, not butchers like Bush and Clinton.

We need liberty rather than propaganda.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah


What’s Going on in Dixie

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Groupthink in Austin: Guns for groceries

In the latest example of groupthink (e.g. where many people just follow the crowd rather than thinking for themselves), a lamebrain plan to get guns off the streets of Austin was launched. In the program of guns for groceries, many Austinites gave up their weapons. I was blown away at the response of people lining up to give up their guns for grocery vouchers (assuming it was not a staged event). The media gave the event positive coverage making it look like ‘good’ Austinites give up their guns. The whole episode confirms that there are many fools in Austin who fall for lame brain ideas. Many of those in line could have gotten more for their guns at pawn shops or gun shows (oh, I forgot, Austin give gun shows a hard time). The people could have received more for their guns at those venues than the pittance they received in this program. Participation in such programs does not make financial sense or political sense. They are giving up tools of freedom for their stomachs, which they will need to refill in less than a week.

I used the term groupthink to describe the phenomena. I recognize that this occurs at colleges and in classrooms across the South. People are being told what to think along with what is ‘acceptable’ in terms of attitudes and actions. They are living to get permission rather than exercising liberties. It is no wonder that Austin is where the smart grid technology is being launched as well. The sheeple line up to give up their guns, what is to stop them from from lining up to give up other liberties as well (such as the smart grid). Is it any wonder that Austin receives many federal funds? They are some well-trained sheeple in that city. It is a paradox that the University located there brags about how they change the world, when they can’t manage to instill some free thinking people who willingly sell out their liberties for a few trinkets and more dependency.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah

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