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The smart grid and government: A bad combination

In the past, we warned you about the smart grid and smart meters. Now others are waking up to the danger of these threats. In an article published today entitled The Real Consequences of Corporatism, “Smart” Grid and Corrupt Government, the dangers of the smart grid are discussed including the falsified scientific reports hiding the dangers of the smart grid. The reality is that power lines pose threats to all life close by. Rather than learning to live with nature and be good stewards, they disrupt nature. It goes further and discusses the symptoms people report experiencing after installing smart meters. Symptoms like headaches, insomnia, foggy thinking and heart palpitations are already being reported. You need to ask yourself are you willing to put your health and security at risk by installing a smart meter, and being part of the so-called smart grid?

These innovations are being used to set up control systems, not to improve your lives. The empire is already moving in the direction of energy ratings for your homes, which came out this week. Is it really any of their or anyone else’s business how much energy you use or what appliances you have on at what times? This amounts to early steps to energy rationing. How long do you think it will be before we have energy rationing at the rate things are now moving? The smart meter allows them to monitor your energy use at home, along with whatever other information your appliances will start monitoring about you. This is not freedom, this is control.

Instead of more government control, even in the form of smart grids and smart meters, we need liberty.

Liberty for Texas!


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Books? Who needs books when you have CSCOPE to dim young minds in Texas.

There is a new threat to the education of Texas youth. This new threat is known as CSCOPE. This program is currently in 80% of Texas school districts. This curriculum is a computer based program that the children do in school, so that there is no text book for parents to look at. Since the program is on the computer, there is little accountability. What makes matters worse is that this curriculum is being forced on many districts and few teachers are daring to speak out. Those that have spoken out in Lubbock, Gonzales and Hays Counties have expressed fear of retribution. Although it is marketed as a curriculum guide, teachers are finding themselves forced to implement it, and in many districts are forced to sign documents where they agree not to discuss its contents to anyone outside of the school.

Some writers have raised questions as to whether CSCOPE is a program designed to be an end around by the empire’s Department of Education to undermine the standards set by the Texas Education Agency which are higher than the CSCOPE standards. There is still some mystery as to who wrote the program. It was assembled by “current and former teachers who work for a collaborative of Education Services Centers”. This sounds nice, but as of yet, it is unclear who the author(s) are. The program is ‘vertically integrated’, which means that it starts on a basic level and builds.

This indoctrination program presents many errors, presenting Christianity as a cult, asks young girls about their sexuality, along with presenting misleading and erroneous teachings in science and history. The program takes a ‘constructivist’ approach to learning, where the children decide on their own reality. What that means is that they become impaired in their thinking.

If you have a child or relative in the government indoctrination centres, I encourage you to visit the site of Texas CSCOPE Review to learn more about this latest threat to the children of Texas. Even if you do not have children in the public schools, the danger it poses to the masses of Texans is great. This is a matter needing your attention. When 70-80% of the kids in Texas are indoctrinated with this material, it is a significant threat that has slid under the radar. Without text books, they have slithered into schools like unwanted snakes posing a threat to all thinking Texans or people that want to improve the education level of Texas.

Instead of computerized indoctrination programs not even approved by the Texas Education Agency, we need real education, with real facts, correct spelling and accurate science.

Liberty for Texas!


PS-As more has come out about CSCOPE, one of the items is that operatives in the Department of Education are reportedly trying to circumvent the legislative process in Texas. The other item that has come out is that since CSCOPE is online, many of the controversial elements have been eliminated when they are about to be exposed. That way, such things as teaching that Allah is God or presenting Christianity alongside WICCAN beliefs, or that the Boston Tea Part was conducted by terrorists, etc. are hidden prior to being exposed.

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Did they tell you about the fires?

In all the propaganda promoting smart meters, you are likely told about how it is save you energy, that it will make your home more energy efficient, blah, blah, blah…I have told you about the threats to personal freedom, privacy, etc. here in previous posts. Now it is coming out that some of the smart meters are causing fires. In Pennsylvania, there have been several house fires involving smart meters. Of course, the electric company denies responsibility and blames the wiring in the homes for the fires. If the wiring was a problem, why did the old dumb meters not lead to fires?

Before you rush out and accept the propaganda, realize that the smart meters may be the dumbest decision you make in terms of safety, privacy and energy efficiency.

Instead of energy control grids, why not have liberty? We need energy freedom more than we need to be controlled by an energy grid.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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The Pecan Street Payoff

In an effort to wow the masses with the propaganda of smart meters and electric cars, the Pecan Street project located outside of Austin is a showpiece. The most recent edition to the neighborhood are the Chevy Volts. There are 55 of the heavily subsidized electric cars in the community. This represents the greatest concentration of Chevy Volts in the world. (When a collection of 55 cars represents the greatest concentration in the world, I have to wonder if they are supercars or super-unwanted cars).

This smart community has a $10 million dollar federal grant and other major contributors. Is it any wonder that this confab is in CON-gress Critter Lloyd Doggett‘s district? Is it any wonder that Doggett voted to take away our light bulbs and supports the unfounded energy policies of the 0-regime? Bear in mind that this is the same Department of Energy that pressured Texas electricity generating plants to shut down their operations. If that seems like they are talking out of both sides of their mouth, well…they are. That is why you have to look at their actions along with who benefits (cui bono as the Romans would say). When Texas needs energy, why is the DOE funding a clean energy playground Volt-ville like Pecan Street while wanting to shut down plants and raise electricity prices on Texans across our land? Good question. I’ll wager that Lloyd Doggett is not going to be the one to ask it.

Smart Meters and their associated smart neighborhood are not a good fit for Texas. It is bad enough that the smart meter spies on their users, and allows greater government control of your electricity usage. The smart meter will also put Texas on a national power grid. Just look at the news on India and see what happens when a grid goes down. If you remember the storms on the East Coast and how portions of the grid went down there, you can see the foolishness of the ‘smart grid’ (which is actually the dumb grid, since they can be hacked and hijacked with a little computer know how) It speaks loudly that the only way people will purchase the electric go-carts is when there is a large ($7,500) tax credit and another $7500 rebate for purchasing the ‘feindish thingies’.

True to form with the politics of the day, you can take the name of a bill or policy, turn it 180 degrees around and be closer to the truth. In this case, the Smart City becomes the Dumb City filled with dumb ideas. If the idea was cost effective, then why does it require $24 million to subsidize the thing? If the cars were great, then why do they need rebates? If Obama recommends the cars, why would you buy it?

The Pecan Street neighborhood is not a good one for Texas. It is not good for freedom minded people or those who value their privacy. If you are one who wants to mindlessly follow the trends, and fall for the latest con, then Pecan Street is the place for you.

Instead of hair brained ideas like Pecan Street, we need the EPA to back off of the Texas power plants and let us take care of our own. What would have happened if that 10 million dollars went to the Texas schools instead of the Texas Volt-ville? More kids would know the basics of electricity and science. That is what would happen. We need liberty and common sense rather than expensive toys, massive government rebates and payoffs.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah


Academia under attack from academia over speaking the truth

Mark Regnerus, a sociologist at the University of Texas as Austin has upset many liberals in academia. His crime? He dared to report that “adult children of parents who had same-sex romantic relationships, including same-sex couples as parents, have more emotional and social problems than do adult children of heterosexual parents with intact marriages. ” His findings upset many in academia, who are now targeting him. It is not only academics, but also advocacy groups that are complaining about his findings. He dared exposing some sacred cows that academia did not want exposed. Such findings threaten the cultural mantras that are currently in vogue at the University of Texas and other bastions of liberal thought.

This episode is instructional for the League in several ways. 1-It makes it clear that ‘scientific research’ done at liberal universities often has political purposes rather than seeking out the ‘truth’. 2-It shows how the so called open minded liberal establishment is intolerant of truth or any information that they deem ‘offensive’. 3-It shows that liberal academia care more about politics than facts or science. When you do not publish the ‘right’ conclusions that are politically acceptable, your days are numbered.

I have often been skeptical of much of the sociology research. When I see episodes like this, my suspicions are validated. Rather than seeking to find ‘truth’, the universities like UT are more interested in indoctrination to ‘accepted’ views than honesty. Many times the media and social sciences preach ‘unsavory’ ideas while claiming that their ideas are based on scientific research. There is a good reason to hold such research suspect, especially distorted propaganda like the Kinsey report.

Instead of academics who put on shows of seeming to be open minded seekers of knowledge, we need honesty. Honesty regarding what they find and their conclusions. Instead of research to bolster their biases, we need honest research.

Liberty for Texas! (including ‘true’ academic liberality, where professors search out the truth, rather than validation of their political agendas)

J Murrah

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SPLC: Wal-Marts cause hate groups

In what is a combination of bad science and propaganda, the SPLC has published a scholarly (?) article where they claim ‘prove conclusively that the presence of a Wal-Mart in a county provides a direct correlation to the presence of “hate groups” in that county’. (Here is an abstract of the article).

This latest publication is a joke. Any decent social scientist knows that there is a correlation between the number of fire trucks in county and the number of fires in the county. Does that mean that fire trucks cause fires? Fire trucks do not cause fires anymore than Wal-Marts inspire hate groups. What their claim does tell me is that they (the SPLC) have functionally redefined hate group to be the average American who lives paycheck to paycheck and shops at Wal-Mart. Their research is making the average person the ‘enemy’. Their research reveals more about their mindset than it does about finding the cause of hate groups. Given the types that donate to the SPLC, they may view the everyday American as opposed to their values and ways of doing things. The SPLC, like other organizations follow their marching orders based on who pays them to the tune of $106,000/day.

Using the same kind of logic used by the SPLC, there is a direct correlation between the involvement of the SPLC and domestic terror attacks. Since they were highly involved in Oklahoma City, what other conclusion can one draw. There is a higher incidence of bombing by socialists and their heroes than by the ‘hate groups’ claimed by the SPLC.

Number of buildings blown up by people associated with the the SPLC=1,
Number of buildings blown up by the Weathermen (led by Bill Ayers, an 0-bama associate)=6,
Number of bombings by groups involving Nelson Mandela=7,
Number of bombings by Southern ‘hate’ groups identified by the SPLC=0

When you look at the numbers, you can see where the real problems lie.

The sad part is that there will be some non-thinking members of the mainstream media that will believe what the SPLC says. Since it is in a scholarly journal, they will assume, “it must be true” rather than investigate things for themselves. Besides being comic relief, the findings of the SPLC reveal the sad condition of social research.

Instead of bad science and paid hack propaganda, we need honesty in investigations and reporting.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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Why it is important to remember the past

As Texians and Southrons you have likely heard the comment “Why don’t you just get over it?”. There are many who want to change the history of the War along with its causes and consequences. The rewriting of the events concerning the war began before the War ended and continues to the present day. I was reminded of the importance of remembering the War when I saw a recent article on how the Pentagon is researching ‘Narrative Networks’. Their research seeks to disrupt your thinking and brain processing regarding events that lead to political violence, like the stripping away of rights as occurred in the Second War of Independence or the Constitutional War.

The researchers know the power of stories in determining how the brain interprets information. If they can alter your narrative, then you will interpret events differently. Research like this reminds me why in the Bible God wanted the people to remember key events over and over again. We likewise need to rehearse key Biblical events along with the events leading up to and during the war. Since people, and governments often follow patterns, knowing and recognizing those patterns is important. Knowing the patterns of government, especially when it comes to abusing their power is important. Many agendas would never be in place without the use of force.

This new science amounts to an elevated form of brain-washing. The researchers know that they need to change the narrative (story) along with developing communities that re-enforce those altered narratives so that the new version will be viewed as ‘trustworthy’ and be accepted as ‘true’. It no longer matters what is factually correct, the Pentagon researchers are more interested in developing what narratives or stories will continue supporting the modern version of the empire. Every pantheon needs stories to continue its existence. The Pentagon is seeking what stories they can tell the masses to keep them pacified and following the ‘official’ version of history.

Keep telling the stories to your children, your friends and your compatriots. The thin Grey line still lives as long as we keep telling and retelling our cultural narratives which extol Christian virtues, Southern heroes and Southern culture.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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The Purge has begun

Although the outpouring of support for SOPA was nice to see in terms of standing up to the empire, a great deal of it is show. With increasing frequency, government reviewers have begun sending notices to ISP’s regarding information on websites, blogs, etc. that are not in keeping with the regime’s agenda. The main focus at this time is health care information. If you share information about vitamins, natural food, vaccines or other health items that are not in keeping with what they consider the ‘public health’, notices are being sent to the ISP’s requesting the information or site be shut down. Although this is one of the items that people did not want to occur with SOPA, the reality is that the regime is behaving as if SOPA had been passed already.

Whether or not such a purge is legal, it has begun. The nazi regime were sticklers for ‘health’ related items and it seems that this regime is following the Nazi playbook in this area.

With this in mind, I am including in this post, some of the pages I authored on health items. If you have favorite health sites, take note of them now, for the information will likely be pulled or restricted in the future. Being well-informed is a major part of securing a free people. We need access to information to make informed decisions on raw milk, vitamins, vaccines and other issues. In writing my latest history, I was struck by how one of the first things Yankee invaders did in Louisiana was enforcing the population to be vaccinated, even though many of the vaccines they used were intentionally contaminated. This is not from the modern pages, but it could be as seen by the Tuskeegee syphilis studies, the regimes medical research in Guatemala. This occurred in 1864 and the regime has not changed much.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

Too Many Vaccines?

The Problem with multiple vaccines

There is growing concern among parents regarding the number of vaccines that children now receive. Children are required by government schools to have completed the required vaccines prior to enrolling in school. The list of required vaccines continues rising, along with the costs. The number of vaccines raises concerns about safety and reasons for the large numbers of vaccines.

To put the situation in perspective consider that about one hundred years ago, children received a single vaccine for smallpox. Over time, the number of vaccines increased to five, which was about forty five years ago. These five vaccines were for diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, polio, and smallpox. In the past forty years the number doubles to where today’s children receive 11 routine vaccines. Many of the vaccines are in the form of multiple shots.
Many parents are ‘in the dark’ concerning knowing how many antigens their children are exposed to in the ever increasing number of recommended vaccinations.
Many parents are ‘in the dark’ concerning knowing how many antigens their children are exposed to in the ever increasing number of recommended vaccinations.
Increasing costs of vaccines

In the early 1980’s the cost to immunize a child with the required vaccines was $75 to $100. Not only has the number of vaccines doubled, the cost has more than doubled. Presently the cost of obtaining the recommended vaccines is about $1,250. Even accounting for inflation, the increase in cost is dramatic. The cost is about to become more for teenage girls. The vaccination that reportedly protects against cervical cancer costs about $360 for a three dose series, which raises the total for the vaccines to about $1600. Although the number of shots has been reduced, the combination shots make it difficult to trace down which shot children are experiencing a reaction to when there are side effects.

Number of Antigens Children are exposed to

Part of the reason for the increased costs is that many of these vaccinations are for multiple antigens. (An antigen is a compound which when introduced into your body stimulates your immune system to produce chemical substances called ‘anti-bodies’. These antibodies are instructed to either kill or neutralize any substance they consider a ‘threat’.)

The combination shots increase the cost of the vaccines. One of the reasons for the combo shots is an effort to reduce the number of physical injections the child receives. In terms of the number of chemicals injected into the developing bodies of children is amazing. . When a girl receives all doses of all the recommended vaccines, the number of antigens received is 156 in the form of 45 shots. Boys, on the other hand receive 144 vaccine antigens in about 42 injections.

The government recommends many vaccinations. The required vaccinations include: hepatitis A and B; inactivated poliovirus (IPV); rotavirus; haemophilus influenzae Type B (Hib); measles, mumps, rubella (MMR); pneumococcal conjugate (PCV); varicella (chickenpox); influenza; and diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP). In addition, there is Tdap — tetanus diphtheria and acellular pertussis vaccine and meningitis vaccine (MCV4) for those entering high school.

Vaccine Reactions

Researches have documented reactions to the pertussis and chicken pox vaccines. The danger with the chicken pox is that many of those vaccinated develop shingles within 10 years of the vaccination.

Vaccination has been cited as one of the ten greatest public health achievements of the 20th century. However, it doesn’t require an advanced degree in science to grasp that the public health accolades, celebrating high vaccination rates and low infection rates, have lead to serious health consequences across the globe. Among those consequences are biological reactions to vaccine ingredients. Vaccine ingredients seem to be playing a substantial role in some of today’s health problems.

Sometimes it is the additives to the vaccines that create problems rather than the vaccines themselves. Gelatin, one of many ingredients often used has been documented to cause allergies and asthma. Vaccines known to contain gelatin include chickenpox, MMR, Boostrix (a pertussis booster for teens), Tripedia (DTaP) and Zostrix which is the vaccine used for adult shingles.

Formaldehyde is another dangerous additive. It is used to inactivate some of the bacteria in the vaccines. It has also been found to interrupt the normal function of the immune system. Although the CDC site downplays the exposure and danger of formaldehyde, the National Cancer Institute identifies it as ‘known human carcinogen’. Formaldehyde, besides being a preservative for lab specimens, can cause watery eyes, burning sensations in the eyes and throat, nausea, difficulty in breathing and asthma attacks. The chemical is categorized as a hazardous chemical on eight federal regulatory lists. With the current vaccine children receive more than ten times the recommended safe amounts. Vaccines containing formaldehyde include DTaP, polio, and influenza.

MSG is another common additive. MSG is added to ‘stabilize’ the vaccines. MSG is often used as a flavor enhancer, yet in some populations, the substance agitates the neural system.

Egg proteins are also contained in some vaccines. Although government sites downplay the the potential reaction, people who are allergic to egg proteins may react to these substances.

Another type of additive in many vaccines are adjuvats. These are chemical substances used to enhance the potency of the vaccine chemicals. Variations of aluminum salts are often used in human based vaccines. At times, oil based adjuvats are included in vaccines. One of the controversial ones is squalene. Squalene triggers a strong auto-immune response to antibodies. Squalene is controversial in many circles. According to the CDC, no vaccines produced in the US contain squalene.

“There is no squalene in any FDA-approved vaccine in the US. There is no squalene in any kind of seasonal flu vaccine or in the H1N1 vaccine.”-Patricia El-Hinnawy

This is in contradiction to the statements of vaccine manufacturers. One spokesmen at GlaxoSmithKline, claims that its vaccines do have squalene.

“A novel feature of the two H1N1 vaccines being developed by companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline is the addition of squalene-containing adjuvants to boost immunogenicity and dramatically reduce the amount of viral antigen needed. This translates to much faster production of desired vaccine quantities.”-Meryl Nass, MD

With all the controversy, it behooves parents to consider the old Latin phrase, “Let the buyer beware”. You will need to investigate matters yourself and find medical information you trust.
Follow the Money

The sales figures for preventative vaccines in 2007 amounted to $16.3 billion. This is an crease from the $11.7 billion generated in 2006. Since many vaccines are mandated by governments, the likelihood of the sales declining is low. The portion of these numbers that were for pediatric vaccines was $8 billion.


Reasons to Just say no to vaccines by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO,

July 10, 2008

Number of Vaccines, Complex Shot Schedule, Confuse Patients, Monday July 31, 2006, Associated Press

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Carpetbaggers in Corpus Christi

It is always alarming to hear of carpetbaggers in our midst. The latest is that the Corpus Christi newspaper carried an article about the EPA’s recent power grab with its cross-state pollution regulations. The article focuses on the legal arguments made by Gregg Abbot who is fighting the empire’s power grab, and attempts to strangle Texans out of their energy. The article comes across as alarmist with references to how many deaths are being prevented based on the EPA’s figures. (Would a government agency lie in order to get it’s police state powers implemented?).

Southrons should be opposed to the EPA power grab for two reasons.

1. The empire is overstepping its Constitutional authority by usurping the State in making such regulations. The empire should be opposed on principle alone in this case. The EPA is claiming powers that it was never granted in the Constitution. It’s actions are a major threat to the people of Texas and our health. Think what a major power shortage will do to the quality of health care in hospitals and in our homes if their controls are implemented. They want to have top-down centralized control, rather than allow Texans to manage Texas affairs.

2. The regulations proposed by the EPA are based on flawed science. If we want honest government, we need scientific honesty. We need facts, not theories. We need provable results, not speculation. We need measurable observations, not projections. In other words, the EPA is forcing these policies on us based on LIES! Instead of schools being focused on social justice and occupying the universities, we need students who know enough science to recognize that the foundations of the EPA arguments are flawed.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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Lessons from Goliad Redux

On one of my sites, I was recently criticized for some comments made about how one can not trust the government as a lesson from the Massacre at Goliad. After 175 years, it appears that little has changed. On one hand the empire is saying that the radiation from the Japan blast poses no immediate threat to the mainland, they seize the supplies of potassium iodide.

Given such circumstances, should we listen to what they say or look at what they do? It is just another example of the empire having a loooong history of lying. It’s agenda is its own continuation, NOT preserving the liberties of its citizens, which it views as its subjects.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah