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How much do you really love Texas and the South?

It is easy to post articles and comments on stories dear to Texas and Southern Independence. As Texans and Southrons, we often talk tough, yet often talk is cheap. When it comes time to show support in terms of independence issues, there is very weak follow through. Sure we can choose to ‘like’ something and get traffic, but will you attend meetings? Will you talk to others about Independence? Will you buy products, books and items that support Independence? Will you write book reviews on Amazon for Southern writers? Books like The Grey Book, The South Was Right and Tom Green’s Texas (Secession) books do not have many Southrons reviewing them. Instead, we talk about independence, but do not show our support for independence. We push the like button, since it is easy rather than take the effort to write supportive reviews that could encourage many fence sitters to take action. You may not be a good talker or be able to socialize at gun shows or other recruiting events, but you can write book reviews for Southron writers. Go out and support the works of Clyde Wilson, Mike Tuggle, Thomas Fleming, Tom Green, Donnie Kennedy, Michael Hill, and others. While you are at it, write reviews of the CD’s and albums with Southron songs, like Bobby Horton. Write positive reviews for Southron movies. If you want more of them, let Amazon and other sites know it. When you do that it is like yelling a thunderous “Yee-Haw” and “Let’s Hear it for Dixie!”. Such things encourage the writers and songwriters that preserve our history and culture. The time is now upon you to make your voice heard. “Let’s hear it for Dixie!” needs to mean something.

It is easy to gripe about Hollywood and the tripe it produces. It takes effort to change that, including your efforts in this cultural struggle.

Liberty for Texas!


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Ang Lee celebrated

Ang Lee was given a grand welcome when he returned to his native Taiwan. While there he receive 7 awards. Ang Lee despite some of his works with immoral themes took a courageous stand when he directed “Ride with the Devil”. The movie dealt with the war in Missouri. It was one of the first ‘honest’ looks at the war, with the sack of Lawrence, Kansas and the reasons behind that action. It also dared to proclaim the truth about blacks serving in the Confederate army. Ang Lee received criticism for some of these portrayals. He dared to tell the truth about the war in Missouri. His work opened the eyes of some to the true events of the south. Congratulations are in order for Ang Lee on his receipt of the awards and his courage to stand for the South.

For Texas and the South!

J Murrah

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2007 Conference Dr. Fleming pt. 2

The second area identified by Dr. Thomas Fleming as an area needing preserving is tradition. Traditions can only be preserved if you have them, and know them. It is important to know what your traditions are.  The importance of traditions is what has kept many cultures alive and vital during difficult times. In the area of preserving tradition, here are some things to do now.

1.      Find and buy good histories. Read them, give them as gifts. If you know personal stories or anecdotes, share them with your children.

2.      Use the holidays to remember God’s blessings upon you and your family. Family get to gathers on the Holidays are a good way to start traditions.  It will be important to include gratefulness as part of the tradition. Gratefulness often goes hand in hand with love. Expressing gratitude to people who have played a role in your traditions is a good start.

3.      Know and discuss your traditions with your children. (This may be meal time traditions, ways that you celebrate holidays, etc. In our home, we make it a point to watch the movie Gettysburg in the days leading up to the 4 July holiday to remember what happened there, especially since we lost family at the railroad cut. Seeing the movie changes the “government of the people, by the people and for the people”).

4.      Know the history of your family and share stories of what traditions have been handed down in your family. This may be as simple as some of the names you call food items, or songs that have been passed down through the generations.

5.      Pass along family recipes. Food preparation and meals are an important part of traditions.

6.      Listen to music that embodies the values and traditions that are important to you. Passing along traditions through song is one of the main ways other cultures have preserved their values.

7.      Associate your family with a particular set of traditions. A tradition can be behavior that continues being repeated within your family, community or social circle.

8.      Cherish the Southern flag. Have it displayed in your home. Associate it with the values and times that you share within the home.

            9. Visit local historic sites. Statues and landmarks can become traditions within families                         over time. Whenever your family passes by that location, they will remember what you                     all did there. In my family, we did a re-enactment of the surrender of Santa Anna to Sam                 Houston at San Jacinto. To this day, our sons recall that episode whenever we visit the                     area.

10. Don’t let the Yankees steal your history. Tell history from the perspective of your State                 and the South. Look at events from how Biblical precepts were involved. It will open up                     your eyes to many events and start new traditions. Modernists want to cut off people                     from their history, because that gives them orientation, purpose and identity. When you                 give your children history, you give them traditions and heritage. It is still acceptable to                 celebrate Jefferson Davis’s birthday on 3 June or the victory at Manassas on 21 July.

11. Have family meal times together. If possible, try to cook some of them in the home.

12. Display pictures of family members from past generations in the home. This helps                         remind the children they are part of a line of people. It brings a sense of accountability,                     and reassures them of their place in the world. One of the things about traditions is that                 they provide us with a sense of place and purpose.

13. Do new things with your kids. The more unique experiences, the more imprinting                         occurs. Try taking them out to a shooting range, take them hunting, take them fishing. If                 you and they enjoy it, do it again.

14. Spend time discussing religious topics together. Be willing to debate them. Children                         need to know not only what you believe, but why you believe it. Share with them what                     your grandparents or parents believed. A godly heritage is worth more than material                         possessions.

This list will give you some places to start the process of building traditions. Since traditions involve rituals, values, history, memory, and sensory experiences, I have included a wide array of things that can be done now to preserve traditions within your family. These may not seem earth shattering, but items like these can strengthen families to where they become healthy and vital again. We are in this for the long haul, which may mean keeping traditions alive for generations.

Free the South!

Free Texas!

J Murrah

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Good Southron Movies

The question arises, “What are some good Southron movies?” In response to that question, I can recommend the following

War of Northern Aggression:

Gods and Generals

Ride with the Devil

Frank and Jesse

Pharoah’s Army


Song of the South

Other Historic Periods:


True Grit

Rio Bravo

The Searchers

These are movies that do not portray the South in a bad light. The roles are often strong and the characters have moral qualities.

Free Texas!

J Murrah

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Liberty or Equality?

In viewing an old propaganda film put out by the empire, I was reminded of the central question separating Yankees and Southron. During the War for Southern Independence. Liberty and the associated rights that come with it were paramount for the southern cause. The Yankee cause, on the other hand was about "equality". Southrons considered equality important in the sense that all men are equal in accountability before the law. They did not believe that all men are equal in their abilities and capacities. They developed this idea from years of recognizing that men were not equal in their capacities. In the Constitution some professions are treated unequally, receiving government protection. Artists, lawyers, politicians and writers have traditionally been given more protections than laborers, farmers, tinsmiths, etc.  This was recognized. Even in Scripture the idea that "to whom much is given, much is expected" was seen as what was expected.

This all changed after the war. With the Yankees attaining military superiority, they lorded over us their idea of enforced equality. Their equality was different. It stated that equal opportunities are given to all, regardless of ability. Goods are to be distributed equally, we are to provide for our children and the children of others equally, we are to care for our parents and the parents of others equally, etc. The emphasis on equality hearkens straight out of the French Revolution and its ideas.

The North and South have two different visions concerning equality and governments role in equality. The Yankees believe it is government’s job to enforce it. The South does not believe it is government’s job, but rather that people have to prove themselves as equals. Equality comes about through your performance, not by government mandate.

In the propaganda film, "A Prelude to War", the emphasis was placed on the Yankee view of equality, and that it was the responsibility of the US to enforce equality around the world. This is what has been used, and will likely be used again as a goad to force us into war. The present Empire has placed equality above liberty. Families from other nations should be given an ‘equal’ chance at the American dream is what they are saying. While Mordor on the Potomac is preaching this, our liberties are being eroded.

We need to once more make liberty a priority. Some nations do not have a traditions of liberty and if you give it to them, they will not know what to do with it. Much like primitive peoples used toilets as water bowls to fetch water from when first exposed to them because they did not know better. Afghanistan and Iraq do not have a tradition of freedom. We will not be able for force on them what their culture has never produced. (While I am at it, Kosovo did have a tradition of freedom, but Klinton and his cronies supported the other side in opposing liberty for those people).

This is a critical item to consider, whether to pursue liberty or equality? Although you can say the manta "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", these qualities will never be equal. One will always prevail. When it prevails, the others will suffer. This is a lesson from the French revolution, Mexican Independence, and the War for Southern Independence.

Let us aspire for liberty

Let us aspire for a Free Texas

J Murrah

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The Relentless Attack on Southern Culture

Some critics dismiss the claim by Southerners that their culture is under attack are paranoid. By making such claims, the critics do not have to consider what is being said. On visiting the store today, I looked at the movies for sale. There always seems to be some movie that makes traditional Southerners look bad. Whether it is some movie extolling the virtues of meddling civil rights workers, small town judges, Southern social mores, or uneducated hicks, they find some way to paint and re-paint the culture in a negative light. The painting and re-painting is almost as if they have to repeatedly whitewash the fence to keep those uppity Southerners in their place. It is sad that Hollywood and the Yankee establishment have to put down the South in order to feel good about themselves and make Southerners feel guilty about their past.

The way the films come out, it is as if a constant reprogramming or re-construction effort is continually underway. As Southron, we need to resist those stereotypes and challenge them. Don’t buy their stinkin’ movies. If Southrons were more careful about their purchases, then Hollywood would wake up to the reality of what is not selling. Southrons could riot, but it is not in the nature of honorable people to use such tactics, unlike other groups who consider rioting a viable way of expressing their disapproval.

I tried watching some of the History channel’s program on Sherman. I knew better than to try. The half-truths presented were appalling. I was wondering when the trumpets were going to sound announcing the arrival of the royal robe and crown for him. He was vulgar, cruel and vindictive. His actions reveal what kind of man he was. Scripture tells us that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Sherman’s actions illustrate in vivid terms his duplicitous ways. Idealizing this man who orchestrated wanton destruction of the Southern peoples and the Indian nations is typical for Yankees to do. Even in his attitude toward African-Americans Sherman was not humane by any stretch of the imagination. In today’s terms, he was "a hater". For the Yankee establishment to embrace him and portray him in such a favorable light also says a lot about the History channel. They are clearly more interested in a political agenda than one based on facts. The carefully selected choices of commentators insured a favorable view of Sherman and his atrocious acts.

The answer to such things is to support good Southern writers. Ed DeVries just published a book, The Christian Generals Volume III – Brigadier-General Richard Montgomery
Brian Cisco just published War Crimes Against Southern Civilians  through Pelican Press. Getting the truth out is important. I have been reading my proof copy of my latest book, Texans Always Move Them: A True History of Texas, which should be available by mid-May. Get the truth instead of Hollywood’s version of it.

Free Dixie, Not Iraq!

J Murrah 

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