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It will do you good to remember

Being the time of year near Texas Independence Day, it is good to remember the Travis letter and his call for help. He addresses it to Texans and Americans. He intentionally drew a distinction, because there is one. He knew it then and we should remember that now.

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Support for Alabama’s Sanctity of Marriage Amendment

28 January 2015

The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, supports Chief Justice Roy Moore and other elected State officials in their defense of Alabama’s Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.

That amendment, favored by well over 80% of Alabama citizens, was recently challenged by federal judge Callie Granade of the US District Court for the Southern District of Alabama. Judge Granade believes that Alabama should be forced to recognize and accept homosexual “marriage.”

The Alabama Constitution makes clear that the State of Alabama recognizes the Biblical origins and sacred nature of the institution of marriage. The US federal government has no legal authority to meddle in this holy institution that pairs a man and woman and represents the building block of our society.

To profane such a holy institution by applying it to homosexuals is not only against the law and an affront to the will of the people of Alabama; it is also an abomination to God.

We encourage Chief Justice Moore, Governor Robert Bentley, Alabama’s Probate Judges, and all other elected officials to stand firm against this federal diktat.

We in The League see this as just another of the many reasons the State of Alabama and her sister Southern States ought to be free and independent of Washington, DC.

Our members stand ready to defend the honor of our noble State.

For further information, call 1-800-888-2163 or e-mail .

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Congratulations, Leftists, you have won. You have taken over the West and now your worldview is triumphant. Europe, America, and the other former lands of Christendom lie in your grasp. The Age of Enlightened Utopia has arrived. So, congratulations, Leftists, you have won.

But what is it that you have won? You have made White gentiles, particularly Christians, afraid and ashamed to stand up for their God and thus for the civilization with which He blessed them. Quite a feat, really, considering there was a time when Christian men would actually fight for their patrimony and declare it good. But not these modern “men”—clergy included, sadly—who whimper and moan their mea culpas on cue about all the wrongs of which they have been charged by the Left: racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, etc., etc.

Now, thanks to your victory, these are no limits on what a man—or surely a woman–may be or become. Be trans-gendered and marry your pet! The bursting of the bonds of narrow Christian limitations is manifest in a thousand new human rights discovered every day in the unfettered Leftist imagination! And we silly traditionalists thought those Universal Human Rights were going to end with the civil rights movement to give the darker races equality.

You have told us that all men, and all cultures, are equal. Or at least men have been forced to say they believe that they are. Procrustes has nothing on you! And once a man convinces himself of the rightness and goodness—and the necessity—of Equality, he will then lay down everything he values on that altar. Even to the point of destroying the future for his children and grandchildren to prove how enlightened he is. Otherwise, he could lose his job and starve to death, along with his family.

In your quest for Equality, you victorious Leftists have made it manifest in the material world. It’s not good enough to keep it in slogans—“All men are created equal.” No, it must be brought down to the material world in the form of the franchise and swag . . . and sometimes even jobs (but really cushy ones from which the unqualified employee cannot be terminated). And because you don’t believe in God or sin, you have convinced the rest of us that all evil is external to man himself and can be eradicated by the right sort of education and social programs. So we now have the modern, post-Christian education system in all its eloquent glory (Common Core here we come!) Moreover, we have the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Caesar/God-on-the-Potomac and its counterpart in Brussels to give us our daily bread (and other “free” stuff). Never mind that they are financially bankrupt . . .

Speaking of all that prosperity that somehow just magically appeared (you didn’t do that yourself, as Obama reminded us) in all those White Christian countries, you have convinced the non-White, Third World that it deserves a share of it all. Hence, you have set a devouring Free Shit Army on a worldwide march, destination London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Stockholm, and all our hamlets, large and small, here in the New World. You have given husky legs to Jean Raspail’s dystopian novel, Camp of the Saints, of the 1970s, just as I once told my university students that you would!

You, O conquering Leftists, have Imagined! And in doing so you’ve not only imagined away Heaven . . . and Hell, but borders as well. We used to have those, and they denoted our nations’ political boundaries. To cross one without permission was an egregious violation that often led to death and war. But it also kept traditional men in their respective places, something you did not like. It gave us backward thinking Neanderthals something we could call “ours.” So now that White countries are allowed no borders (and no, Israel is NOT a White country), we have become little more than extended-stay motels (run of course by Indians) for the world. As the mantra says: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, and White Countries for everyone! We have no place to call our own anymore, and if we dare claim we do we are quickly put back in our place by the usual epithet: racist, xenophobic Nazi whowantstokillsixmillionjews! And we slink back to our diminished (and still diminishing) little corners.

Oh, I could go on but what’s the use. We know what you’ve done to undermine our civilization. We know the plan. But there remain a couple of questions. To be truthful, how are you going to explain to the teeming masses for whom you have presumably created this Brave New World that it’s really not their interests that motivate you, but merely your own? And you will have to explain that when your promised Utopia fails to live up to its billing as Savior of the Downtrodden. And it is failing . . . and will eventually crash and burn.

But that was the plan all along, wasn’t it. It wasn’t to make a better world for the poor and disadvantaged. They are just your do-gooder foil, the mask to hide the monster. It was to satiate your misanthropic hunger because just beneath that sanctimonious visage you are a hater of all that is truly human. Yours is the Cloward-Piven strategy on steroids for the whole world! Wealth, power, and position is your game. And your end goal is the same as it was in the Garden so long ago: The Serpent wants to replace God and rule humanity. You are the Serpent’s offspring, the children of the Father of Lies.

But you know you still have a prickly problem to face, right? Some of us will not recognize your “victory” as permanent. We will not go quietly into that night, to paraphrase one of our great poets. We will bitterly cling to our God and our guns. We will fight back, and you know it. In fact, you knew all along that we—White men and women of European descent, the inheritors of Christendom—were your only real nemesis on this earth. And you knew from the start what that meant if you were to achieve complete victory: you would have to eliminate us. But you were not sure you could pull it off, were you? It also made you feel a little creepy and hypocritical, didn’t it? I mean, after all the whining and moaning you have done (and still do) about past examples of genocide, you really had to make us believe you were the perpetual victims, even as you sharpened your blades to eviscerate us.

Well, some of us are on to you and your plans. We will no longer play the game on your turf and by your rules. We will no longer succumb to White Guilt. We are throwing off your shackles. We are rising in Europe and in America. We are nationalists—French, English, Scottish, German, Danish, Swedish, and Southern, among others—and our lands and our civilizations belong to us. Your universalism is doomed. And so are you. So enjoy your little short-lived triumph before the breaking wave of nationalism washes you away.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama
3 June 2014

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Phil Robertson and A&E


19 December 2013

Re: Phil Robertson and A&E

For Immediate Release

The League of the South, the premier Southern Nationalist organization, supports Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty in his Biblical condemnation of sodomy. Moreover, we encourage our members and supporters to boycott the A&E Channel and their advertisers until they issue a sincere apology to Mr. Robertson and end his suspension from the program.

League President Michael Hill said the following: “The executives at the A&E Channel have shown their contempt for Mr. Robertson’s right to speak the truth from God’s own word about the sordid nature of sodomy. This is merely one more incident that proves that the purveyors of American popular culture are committed to an anti-Christian and anti-Southern agenda of hatred and lies. We urge Southerners and others of good will to support Mr. Robertson and to let the A&E Channel know that they will not be watching Duck Dynasty or buying the products of their advertisers until this matter is rightly settled.”

The League of the South can be reached for further comment at (800) 888-3163 or at More information can be found at

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Burden or Blessing?

On reading a recent article which pointed out Nancy Pelosi’s view on childcare, it became clear to me how she and her fellow travelers support abortion. In the article, she referred to the ‘burden of child care.’ The amount of poison in that reference is abundant. The attitude people have toward children and child care lets you know how they feel about life itself. When children are viewed as a burden rather than a blessing, society has some serious problems. It is easy for people to critisize Nancy Pelosi for her stand, yet her attitude is not so different from those of many Texas mothers who want summer to end so that they can send their children back to school and view caring for their children as a ‘burden’. When mothers view children as a burden, the natural affections have been warped. The sad part is that this attitude of viewing children as a burden is the popular mantra being programmed into our daughters in the government schools.

In order to have a ‘free Texas’ and ‘free South’, we will have to reject the lies that are being told to us, such as “Children and child care is a burden”. As long as you continue allowing such lies to sink into your mind and heart, you will not be free. This lie needs to be rejected in the churches, the schools, the social gatherings, sports events, or wherever it is heard. It is how the scourge of abortion starts. You could even call such an attitude as the precursor to a murderous spirit that comes with abortion.

Children are a blessing. They are part of our heritage. We need to cherish and foster that heritage rather than complain about it.

Liberty for Texas!


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“No Justice, No Peace”

In the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial, and his being found not guilty, there are reactions around the empire. One of the slogans being chanted is “No Justice, No Peace’. In thinking through that chant, the reality is that such groups are wanting ‘revenge’ rather than justice. They say they want justice, yet they often do not have a clue as to what justice is. If they wanted justice, they would protest outside of legislators homes demanding that the laws be changed, rather than threatening riots and Zimmerman’s life. They would want the law applied to everyone equally. Are they actually seeking equal application of the law or are they seeking to intimidate the jurors and legal system to bend to their will? In my observation, it is the later. The threats are being directed at the person who was on trial. The legal system is supposed to show no partiality, yet in this case, the empire actually paid for agitation in the matter, which insured that the trial would be biased.

The real irony in the Zimmerman trial is that 96 years ago, the Zimmermann telegram was used to incite the people with racial tension as well. It was used to stir up people regarding the incursions into Mexico by US troops, and again several years later to provoke action with World War I. This is a case straight from the twilight zone where you have history repeating itself. Zimmerman is again being used to incite people and stir up racial tensions. The media is stirring up a frenzy of activity. So at the same time, it is a current event, yet a replay of a historic event being recycled in the same manner.

The word ‘Justice’ is being twisted to now mean ‘revenge’. When mobs are going around vandalizing and threatening all the while shouting “Justice”, there is something wrong. If the authorities delivered justice, they would be rounded up and charged for inciting riots, vandalism and whatever other crimes of slander they are committing. Such crowds do not really want “Justice”. They are wanting revenge. In some ways they are saying they want “Just-Us” and no one else. That is not true justice.

When they are threatening “No Peace”, it is a sure sign of a shake-down. In essence they are saying, we will continue being violent until you pay us off. This is nothing more than thuggery on a national scale. The unsettling part is that the media is giving them exposure and free advertising in their shake-down campaign.

Instead of organized shake-downs and intentional social agitation, we need courageous politicians and leaders who stand up to such ploys. We need men who will stand up for righteousness.

For Texas Liberty,


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How much do you really love Texas and the South?

It is easy to post articles and comments on stories dear to Texas and Southern Independence. As Texans and Southrons, we often talk tough, yet often talk is cheap. When it comes time to show support in terms of independence issues, there is very weak follow through. Sure we can choose to ‘like’ something and get traffic, but will you attend meetings? Will you talk to others about Independence? Will you buy products, books and items that support Independence? Will you write book reviews on Amazon for Southern writers? Books like The Grey Book, The South Was Right and Tom Green’s Texas (Secession) books do not have many Southrons reviewing them. Instead, we talk about independence, but do not show our support for independence. We push the like button, since it is easy rather than take the effort to write supportive reviews that could encourage many fence sitters to take action. You may not be a good talker or be able to socialize at gun shows or other recruiting events, but you can write book reviews for Southron writers. Go out and support the works of Clyde Wilson, Mike Tuggle, Thomas Fleming, Tom Green, Donnie Kennedy, Michael Hill, and others. While you are at it, write reviews of the CD’s and albums with Southron songs, like Bobby Horton. Write positive reviews for Southron movies. If you want more of them, let Amazon and other sites know it. When you do that it is like yelling a thunderous “Yee-Haw” and “Let’s Hear it for Dixie!”. Such things encourage the writers and songwriters that preserve our history and culture. The time is now upon you to make your voice heard. “Let’s hear it for Dixie!” needs to mean something.

It is easy to gripe about Hollywood and the tripe it produces. It takes effort to change that, including your efforts in this cultural struggle.

Liberty for Texas!


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What does it mean to be an American?

One of the major critiques that detractors use in discouraging the Southern movement is the practice of saying that questioning the federal government is “un-American” or anti-American. Resorting to such name calling amounts to a rhetorical gimmick often called “red herring”. First, the founding father, James Wilson intentionally changed the definition of treason in the Constitution in such a way to allow the criticizing of the government. In England, criticizing the royalty or government is treasonous. In the US, it is not. Wilson intentionally changed the definition to allow for such practices. The writings of Jefferson and other founding fathers also show that it was expected to criticise the federal government. The use of the red herring is designed to shut people up and quash any debate.

At the root of the problem is the definition of what it means to be an American. If you subscribe to the idea that America as a propositional nation, where all it means is that “All men are created equal”, then the critiques do pose a threat to your definition, since they force you to re-examine the matter. Rocking the boat and questioning such a flimsy proposition is likely to threaten your world. If you view America as a specific place, with Christian values along with it being something that was passed down you by your fathers as a heritage to pass onto your children. Then the criticisms are warranted and long overdue. The empire has not been good stewards of their promises or responsibilities. They have let down the people time and again.

Take for example, how deserts have been redefined as wetlands, how the Clean Water Act has been used to incarcerate land owners for using their land as they saw fit rather than as the empire saw fit. Consider how a federal court in Oregon ruled that it could be a federal crime to construct a baseball field for students at a public school. Consider how time and again landowners have been jailed for filling in holes on their own property. Does that sound like good stewardship by the empire or a tyranny? Such acts show a disdain for the definition of America as a definite place.

By throwing around the definition of American and calling people anti-American, the progressives are attempting to control the arguments and debate. If they can define the terms, they believe that they can control the outcome of any debate.

Instead of falling for the propositional nation hogwash, we need liberty.

Liberty for Texas!


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The Texas High Holy Days

I often consider the days between Texas Independence Day and San Jacinto Day as the ‘high holy days’ of Texas. It was during this time that the young republic struggled to attain their liberty. It was more than ironic that the anniversary of the Goliad massacre occurred two days before the SNC’s (Southern National Congress) call for repentance and prayer. The anniversary of Goliad is always a somber time for me, recalling the execution and massacre of men outside of Goliad.

We were told to “Remember the Alamo!”. We were also told to Remember Goliad and Remember Tampico. In each of those episodes, the Mexican army executed those who surrendered after giving them reassurances of their safety. There are lessons to be learned about armed thugs (remember that many soldiers were recently released from prisons, since the general population of Mexico did not want to fire on fellow Mexican citizens). In many cases, it was recently released prisoner firing on lawful citizens.

The combination of Goliad-Call for Prayer of Repentance-Easter in sequence is a reminder for us to pray. Pray for many things. Remember your heritage, confess your sins, get right with God, and be renewed in your commitment to do what is right.

Instead of kowtowing to popular culture, remember where you come from. You are the sons of the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto. That means something. The world was shocked when Texas not only declared, but attained her independence.

Liberty for Texas!


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Learning about the census from the Nashville Agrarians

The empire has recently been sending out various types of census. These include business census, agriculture census and so forth. To encourage compliance with these census forms, they are including threats and fines. By calling their request for numbering things a “census”, the empire makes it more official, since the Constitution allows for a census once every ten years. Calling the requests for information a census is another word game. What the empire is really after is an inventory. They are also wanting to burden you with compiling and reporting the inventory. By having you do the work, it saves time and effort.

You may want to ask “Why?” they would such an inventory. Andrew Nelson Lytle answered this question in his essay “The Hind Tit”. He said “The only reason to number them is to turn them into cash”. He and the other Nashville Agrarians knew that when the government starts counting things, they are up to no good. They are making an inventory to turn into cash (or use as collateral). This is made clear by the recent agricultural census taking going on at this time. The agricultural census amounts to nothing more than the USDA compiling a database (e.g. inventory). When things are inventoried, someone plans on turning them into cash, plain and simple. Lytle also recommended that Southrons need to “Make those who rule the country bear the burdens of government” and provides suggestions for doing so. It would behoove us to reread “I’ll Take My Stand” and learn the lessons they have to teach us.

Instead of making governments job easier, we need a government that does not meddle in the activities of its citizens.

Liberty for Texas!


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