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How much do you really love Texas and the South?

It is easy to post articles and comments on stories dear to Texas and Southern Independence. As Texans and Southrons, we often talk tough, yet often talk is cheap. When it comes time to show support in terms of independence issues, there is very weak follow through. Sure we can choose to ‘like’ something and get traffic, but will you attend meetings? Will you talk to others about Independence? Will you buy products, books and items that support Independence? Will you write book reviews on Amazon for Southern writers? Books like The Grey Book, The South Was Right and Tom Green’s Texas (Secession) books do not have many Southrons reviewing them. Instead, we talk about independence, but do not show our support for independence. We push the like button, since it is easy rather than take the effort to write supportive reviews that could encourage many fence sitters to take action. You may not be a good talker or be able to socialize at gun shows or other recruiting events, but you can write book reviews for Southron writers. Go out and support the works of Clyde Wilson, Mike Tuggle, Thomas Fleming, Tom Green, Donnie Kennedy, Michael Hill, and others. While you are at it, write reviews of the CD’s and albums with Southron songs, like Bobby Horton. Write positive reviews for Southron movies. If you want more of them, let Amazon and other sites know it. When you do that it is like yelling a thunderous “Yee-Haw” and “Let’s Hear it for Dixie!”. Such things encourage the writers and songwriters that preserve our history and culture. The time is now upon you to make your voice heard. “Let’s hear it for Dixie!” needs to mean something.

It is easy to gripe about Hollywood and the tripe it produces. It takes effort to change that, including your efforts in this cultural struggle.

Liberty for Texas!


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CSCOPE not to be taught verbatim!

It is always good to have encouraging news. At this point, the Texas Legislature has taken action on the CSCOPE curriculum. When it was put under the microscope of public opinion, and in the spotlight of the media, the promoters changed their tune. Teachers feared criminal prosecution for sharing the lesson plans. When a teacher becomes guilty of criminal acts just for sharing what is presented in the classroom with parents, something is wrong, SERIOUSLY WRONG.

Now it looks like the State Board of Education will be reviewing the material, and there will be greater transparency. Prior to this, they were as transparent as….the ruling regime. It is concerning that this material has been in place since 2006 and it took six or more years to bring the problems to the light of day. In those six years, you have to wonder how many children were misled and indoctrinated by it? The damage has been done. Let us hope it is not irreparable.

The CSCOPE situation brings to light some problems with how long it takes for such propaganda issues to be exposed and dealt with.

Instead of indoctrinating with curriculum that damages our heritage and culture, we need curriculum that celebrates Texas culture and heritage.

Liberty for Texas!


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Now they are drawing commmunist flags

lenin.pngAs more information on the secretive CSCOPE curriculum emerges, the worse it stinks. The latest revelation is that 6th graders in your Texas schools, paid for by your tax dollars were asked to design a flag for a modern communist nation. Keep in mind that young men and women are being sent oversees to “protect your freedoms” so that school districts can assign 6th graders to design a new communist flag. ( I do not say teachers, since many of them are opposed to the CSCOPE program.) The administration in many districts seem to be the ones pushing (yes, like a drug pusher pushes the street drug of the day) this unwanted, hidden from parental view product onto young minds.

On one hand the exercise is egregious, yet bear in mind that the Union armies were often commanded or led by socialists and communists who were using military force to have their way on our forefathers. Is is surprising or honest that the schools, which are dominated by unions would be forcing students to fantasize and creatively imagine socialist accouterments. In all honesty it is in keeping with the dreams of socialist like Francis Bellamy who authored the Pledge, where students are forced to swear allegiance to the forced Union and centralized control of the empire. Although having children romanticize such socialist symbols is repulsive to me and repulsive to any Texan who loves freedom, this is a logical step in advancing their socialist agenda. Consider that Earth Day coincides with Vladamir Lenin’s birthday. Coincidence? Not hardly.

Instead of socialist indoctrination, these children need to know about Southern writers like Sidney Lanier, or Southern statesmen like Alexander Stephens and Louis Wigfall of Texas. They would definitely be better role models than men who enjoyed beating women, engaged in adultery and plagiarizing their papers.

Liberty for Texas!


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Tough Questions regarding CSCOPE

There are many questions regarding the implementation of CSCOPE within 80% of Texas school districts. Although the money people love it since they do not have to purchase text books, the implementation of the program has managed to by pass the State Board of Education which has a public examination of curriculum material before it is put into use and tax dollars spent. In the case of CSCOPE, the program was purchased with tax dollars and implemented without gaining approval of the duly elected State Board of Education. The tough question is “How did they bypass the SBOE?” and “Who is benefiting from bypassing the SBOE?”

Whether you like them or not, the SBOE are elected by the people. They serve as the check and balance on curriculum. When they are bypassed, someone is cramming material down the throats of Texas students without local voices being heard. Perhaps the motto of the District of Columbia “Taxation without Representation” is in play here where “Tax Dollars being spent without representation” is going on in Texas.

The bypassing of the checks and balances is a dangerous precedent. Since the future of Texas is at stake with what children are taught or indoctrinated with, we all have a concern in this matter. If the content was accessible to the public, then there could be debate on the material. This way, the public would have its input in the matter. The way the current situation is, there has been no public input, which is dangerous.

Instead of bypassing the law, we need districts that respect the law. Before asking for more tax dollars at the Texas Legislature, they need to allow the proper State agency review the material they are using.

Liberty for Texas!


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Books? Who needs books when you have CSCOPE to dim young minds in Texas.

There is a new threat to the education of Texas youth. This new threat is known as CSCOPE. This program is currently in 80% of Texas school districts. This curriculum is a computer based program that the children do in school, so that there is no text book for parents to look at. Since the program is on the computer, there is little accountability. What makes matters worse is that this curriculum is being forced on many districts and few teachers are daring to speak out. Those that have spoken out in Lubbock, Gonzales and Hays Counties have expressed fear of retribution. Although it is marketed as a curriculum guide, teachers are finding themselves forced to implement it, and in many districts are forced to sign documents where they agree not to discuss its contents to anyone outside of the school.

Some writers have raised questions as to whether CSCOPE is a program designed to be an end around by the empire’s Department of Education to undermine the standards set by the Texas Education Agency which are higher than the CSCOPE standards. There is still some mystery as to who wrote the program. It was assembled by “current and former teachers who work for a collaborative of Education Services Centers”. This sounds nice, but as of yet, it is unclear who the author(s) are. The program is ‘vertically integrated’, which means that it starts on a basic level and builds.

This indoctrination program presents many errors, presenting Christianity as a cult, asks young girls about their sexuality, along with presenting misleading and erroneous teachings in science and history. The program takes a ‘constructivist’ approach to learning, where the children decide on their own reality. What that means is that they become impaired in their thinking.

If you have a child or relative in the government indoctrination centres, I encourage you to visit the site of Texas CSCOPE Review to learn more about this latest threat to the children of Texas. Even if you do not have children in the public schools, the danger it poses to the masses of Texans is great. This is a matter needing your attention. When 70-80% of the kids in Texas are indoctrinated with this material, it is a significant threat that has slid under the radar. Without text books, they have slithered into schools like unwanted snakes posing a threat to all thinking Texans or people that want to improve the education level of Texas.

Instead of computerized indoctrination programs not even approved by the Texas Education Agency, we need real education, with real facts, correct spelling and accurate science.

Liberty for Texas!


PS-As more has come out about CSCOPE, one of the items is that operatives in the Department of Education are reportedly trying to circumvent the legislative process in Texas. The other item that has come out is that since CSCOPE is online, many of the controversial elements have been eliminated when they are about to be exposed. That way, such things as teaching that Allah is God or presenting Christianity alongside WICCAN beliefs, or that the Boston Tea Part was conducted by terrorists, etc. are hidden prior to being exposed.

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Tom Green’s Latest Book on Secession

Tom told me that he was working on this one and now it is out. If you want to know how to respond to the many questions people have about secession, he tackles them in his latest book. He also lays out the five possible pathways of achieving independence for Texas. If you have questions, this may be your answer. His book, From Texas Statehood to Texas Independence is now available at Amazon Kindle.


The Beck/Barton Controversy

One of the problems with neo-cons is that they present a lot of truth with a little bit of poison. I am reminded of a Texas preacher who often said “Remember that rat poison is 95% good oats”. I mention this due to a recent episode of the Glen Beck show where they presented falsehoods about Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Although Glen Beck has woken many people up to political matters, as has David Barton, when it comes to Nathan Bedford Forrest, they are off base. I admire the work of David Barton and Wallbuilders, yet on this one, we must part ways. It behooves one to study before you speak. I wish that Barton and Beck had studied Forrest with the same effort that they have studied the Founding Fathers. In response to the show, Shane Kastler wrote a blog post addressing the matter. Since he is a Forrest researcher, and author of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Redemption, he is more knowledgeable about the matter than Beck and Barton. It grieves me that Beck and Barton would sully their reputations by presenting half-truths, but in this day and time, many neo-cons are guilty of that. For that reason, as Paul told Timothy ‘Study to show thyself approved…” You also need to study in order to recognize error and lies when you see them.

Liberty (and truth) for Texas!

J. Murrah

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The League of the South, unlike the America of the New World Order, is wedded not to a universal proposition: equality, democracy, or the rights of man, but to a real historical order based on place and kin. If we Southern whites are to survive as a distinct people with a physical place to live, work, and worship, then we must never waver from this commitment.

The late M. E. Bradford in his Remembering Who We Are: Observations of a Southern Conservative (University of Georgia Press, 1985) deals at length, as the title suggests, with cultural identity and historical memory. He cites the following lines by the protagonist of Stark Young’s So Red The Rose, Hugh McGehee, as he sends his son off to join the Confederate Army: “It’s not to our credit to think we began today and it’s not to our glory to think we end today. All through time we keep coming in to the shore like waves, like waves. You stick to your blood, son; there’s a fierceness in blood can bind you up with a long community of life.” The most eloquent of Anti-Federalists, Patrick Henry, chided those who thought that “All things should be made new” by reminding them that “we are descended from a people whose government was founded on liberty; our glorious grandfathers of Great Britain made liberty the foundation of everything. . . . We draw that spirit of liberty from our British ancestors.” Bradford, Young, and Henry all caution us that it is from our Fathers, and not from universal (or even particular) abstractions, that we draw our sustenance as a separate, distinct, God-ordained people.

But for the past half-century, liberals and neo-conservatives alike have been seeking to discredit the idea that a man’s first temporal allegiance is to kith and kin. It is the self-appointed task of social engineers to reshape Creation according to their own ideas of good and evil. They are, as it were, attempting to rebuild the Tower of Babel and, in the bargain, are seeking to nullify the Biblical and historical reality of true nationhood. The cult of equality (both of individuals and cultures), according to Bradford, is the new “opiate of the masses.” Totalitarians of all stripes today champion equality by pushing for an “open door” immigration policy that favors the Third World. They care not whether the massive influx of Muslims, Latinos, and other non-Western peoples poses a threat to the racial, ethnic, and cultural balance of our country. Rather, since the left holds sacred the “rights of man,” they view America as the world’s first universal nation, dedicated to the proposition that all men and cultures are created equal.

If the idea that America is indeed a mere proposition nation is to be realized, then the narrowly defined “posterity” of our forefathers must be broadened to include the whole of Emma Lazarus’s “wretched refuse.” The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 and subsequent legislation and judicial edicts have turned America’s immigration policy inside out by allowing for the influx of millions upon millions of non-Europeans while largely closing the “Golden Door” to European immigrants. Both Third World legals and illegals are encouraged to maintain their own cultures and languages while partaking of the largesse available to them at the expense of taxpaying citizens.

Our situation is reminiscent of the latter days of the Roman Empire when the frontiers were overrun by Germanic tribes who wished to avail themselves of Roman lands and produce. But there was no deep-rooted racial or cultural antagonism between Roman and German. In fact, the German tribesmen had great respect and admiration for Roman civilization, as far as they understood it. They did not wish to destroy Rome; however, they did not know how to save it for the simple reason that they had not created it and thus did not understand what made it work.

Even under the best of circumstances a huge influx of aliens who merely wish to enjoy our material benefits will eventually weaken and destroy our civilization. Simply put, they will lack the desire, understanding, and intellectual capacity to preserve our vital institutions. More importantly, they will physically displace the descendants of the founding stock and we will cease to control the homeland bequeathed us by generations of noble and honorable men and women—our ancestors. We will suffer a fate perhaps worse than that of Rome itself. Already, radical Latinos have launched a Reconquista of our southern borders, and federal judges are thwarting the efforts of Americans of Western European ancestry to turn back the tide. It is abundantly clear with whom the Establishment elites side on this crucial issue.

If we Southerners are to survive and prosper on the lands given us by our forebears, then we would do well to adopt the attitude of historian Frank L. Owsley (one of the Twelve Southerners who contributed to I’ll Take My Stand). Owsley, in his seminal work Plain Folk of the Old South (LSU Press, 1949), writes: “The term ‘folk’ has for its primary meaning a group of kindred people, forming a tribe or nation [in the truest sense of the word]; a people bound together by ties of race, language, religion, custom, tradition, and history. . . . A folk thus possesses a sense of solidarity and is quite different from a conglomerate mass of people. It has most if not all of the characteristics of nationalism [again, properly defined]. Indeed, it may be contended with much force that there can be no true nationalism where the population does not constitute a folk.” Owsley contends that the “Southern people, according to these several characteristics, were a genuine folk long before the Civil War [sic]. Moreover, he tells us that the “greatest single factor, perhaps, in developing the Southern population into a genuine American folk was the common national origin of the bulk of the people. . . . [T]he Southern people prior to 1860 were predominantly British. . . . Appearance, the indefinable qualities of personality, and their manners and customs, particularly their distinctive speech, set them apart from the inhabitants of the other sections of the United States, and in this way strengthened their sense of kinship.”

The League of the South should have as it primary objective the preservation of our people—kith and kin—on their ancestral lands. Independence will do the South little good if we fail to preserve ourselves as a distinct people group inhabiting a certain piece of Creation. Once we secure our future as “the Southern people,” then, and only then, can we be about the business of gaining our independence. Therefore, we support a return to a society and civilization based on allegiance to kith and kin rather than to an impersonal state wedded to multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance, the rights of man, and other similar leftist abstractions. The leaders and the rank-and-file of our organization must be hardliners who insist that quite apart from political ideals, we take our stand in the historic South and for the people—white Southerners–who made the historic South what it is. The South is not a universal idea anymore than, say, Scotland, France, or Serbia. Instead, the South was and is a true nation built on the realities of place and kinship that we must revitalize if we are to survive and prosper.

At its core, the South is British-Western European and Christian. Should this change, then the South as we know it shall be no more. As the late Russell Kirk wrote in America’s British Culture: “If somehow the British elements could be eliminated from all the cultural patterns of the United States, Americans would be left with no coherent culture in public or in private life.” He continues with a salient warning: “We Americans live . . . in an era when the general outlines and institutions of our inherited culture still are recognizable; yet it does not follow that our children or our grandchildren, in the twenty-first century, will retain a great part of that old culture. . . . The defence of inherited culture [and, I might add, the people who create and sustain that culture] must be conducted here and now, with what weapons may be snatched from the walls here on the darkling plain at the end of the twentieth century.” When we do endeavor to defend our own people and culture, liberals, neo-conservatives, and politically-correct “Rainbow Confederates” hurl at us the usual invectives: “racists,” “xenophobes,” “reactionaries.” It is past time that we turn a deaf ear to these bogus charges and set about resisting any attempts to reconstruct a modern Tower of Babel on the rubble of our Southern civilization. Victory goes to the bold.

The League of the South wants to see a South where our borders are sealed against massive immigration; a South where the interests of the Southern people are protected from the ravages of multiculturalism and so-called diversity; a South where a prosperous, self-confident, and distinct people—our people–can welcome into its ranks by its own choice and on its own terms productive and sympathetic immigrants; a South that will be a beacon to those nations that wish to defend a traditional way of life against the purveyors of abstract ideologies and a new world order; and a South where Southerners shall know beyond doubt that the fundamental question to be answered, as M. E. Bradford insists, is not the Federalists’ “What shall we do?” but Patrick Henry’s “Who are we?” Indeed, when we know who we are and are willing to defend ourselves and our posterity, then we shall be a truly free people with a bright future. If we fail to grasp the gravity of this basic question, we shall end up in the proverbial “dustbin of history,” and deservedly so.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama

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Homeschooling and Liberty

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Freedom of the Press: A Southern Tradition

I was struck by the story about how CAIR wants the book, Muslim Mafia pulled from shelves across the empire. It always seems that bullies are intimidated by truth. Abraham Lincoln saw to it that the newspapers that were not supportive of him and his regime were shut down. Tyrants and bullies often seek to squelch the truth.

President Jefferson Davis reminded us “Truth crushed to the earth is truth still and like a seed will rise again”. It seems that the Mohammedean bullies and the tyrant loving empire have yet to learn the truth of that saying. They continue using censorship and buying people off as a way to shape public opinion.

Truth and freedom of the press are Southern traditions. During the President Davis administration, the presses were not shut down. Even when they were outspoken about Davis, they continued operating without government interference. If the South would have won, can you imagine what today’s internet would look like? Rather than a regime trying to control it, the leadership would find better ways of using it and the freedoms it promotes.

Rather than being intimidated by the truth, the South celebrates the truth. Once truth is out in the open, the public will decide whether or not books like ‘Muslim Mafia’ have a place, rather than censoring it on the front end.

Liberty for Texas and the South!

J Murrah

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