Obamacare? FATCA? Light Bulbs? Remember Lloyd Doggett

In going through the news, I was astounded at the headline “Why Didn’t Someone Tell Us Obamacare Would Cut Medicare?“. On reading it, I was dumbfounded. Anyone who paid attention during the debate knew that Obamacare was cutting medicare. We even mentioned it here. At that time, the focus was on Congress Critter Lloyd Doggett who knew full well that such cuts were included. When there was a backlash at one of the local grocery stores, the Medicare issue was mentioned. He was the same CONgress Critter who checked id’s and held carefully orchestrated town meetings so that the truth about Obamacare was not known to his constituents.

I guess folks did not listen or read news reports addressing those matters. They were caught up in the wonderful promises and did not look at what the real price tag would be. Coming soon is another piece of legislation that Doggett authored legislation that gave us FATCA (as part of the 2010 HIRE act). This act (FATCA) is becoming a major international boondoggle and triggering the renouncing of US citizenship by ever increasing numbers of people. Few people remember who authored or sponsored bad legislation. It is often only years later that the reality of how bad legislation really is comes to light. By then, many CONgress Critters are gone or hope that people have short memories of what they did. Here at the Texas League of the South, we remember what CONgressman Doggett did to Texas, to those on Medicare and to Americans around the world now trying to make sense of the legislation he was a big part of in FATCA. I hope that Texans going to the voting booths remember this as well.

He also was one of the supporters of the light bulb ban. So the next time you want a 75-watt or hundred watt bulb and can not find them, remember Lloyd Doggett. He sold us out then. It is bad enough that we have socialists like Sheila Jackson-Lee who views Congress’ purpose as to give the head of the regime executive orders to sign. We also have to be home to the likes of Doggett and the legislation that he and his democratic colleagues crammed down our throats.

For Texas Liberty!

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