The smart grid and government: A bad combination

In the past, we warned you about the smart grid and smart meters. Now others are waking up to the danger of these threats. In an article published today entitled The Real Consequences of Corporatism, “Smart” Grid and Corrupt Government, the dangers of the smart grid are discussed including the falsified scientific reports hiding the dangers of the smart grid. The reality is that power lines pose threats to all life close by. Rather than learning to live with nature and be good stewards, they disrupt nature. It goes further and discusses the symptoms people report experiencing after installing smart meters. Symptoms like headaches, insomnia, foggy thinking and heart palpitations are already being reported. You need to ask yourself are you willing to put your health and security at risk by installing a smart meter, and being part of the so-called smart grid?

These innovations are being used to set up control systems, not to improve your lives. The empire is already moving in the direction of energy ratings for your homes, which came out this week. Is it really any of their or anyone else’s business how much energy you use or what appliances you have on at what times? This amounts to early steps to energy rationing. How long do you think it will be before we have energy rationing at the rate things are now moving? The smart meter allows them to monitor your energy use at home, along with whatever other information your appliances will start monitoring about you. This is not freedom, this is control.

Instead of more government control, even in the form of smart grids and smart meters, we need liberty.

Liberty for Texas!


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