What is Sheila Jackson-Lee up to?

In a recent news article, it was reported that CONgress Critter Sheila Jackson-Lee wants working men and women to have unemployment benefits as well. Given that she is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Yale, and the fact that she is still in office indicates that despite her antics that she has some smarts. On the surface this latest episode looks like she is loosing it. After reading the article and thinking through her actions, I realized that this is nothing more than a backdoor way into ‘redistribution of wealth’ which is a major socialist goal. (Note: She and Eddie Bernice Johnson are known for their socialist ploys and policies).

Any way that you slice it, she is just wanting go give away more of your money. She wants to see to it that MORE people start feeling entitled to YOUR money. Let that sink in. She thinks that the employed and unemployed are each entitled to MORE of your money.

If this is the mindset of the people of the 18th Texas Congressional District, we have problems. She is a threat to you economically and politically.

For Liberty,


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