Just too coincidental?

In reading through the news, I noticed that the day after JPMorgan sells its building, including its gold vault to a Chinese company (Fosun), that JPMorgan announces that it reaches a $13 Billion settlement with the Department of Justice. Part of the DOJ was investigating the bank for their practices in Asia. Doesn’t it seem odd that the DOJ is investigating a bank for things they are doing in other countries which are under other nations jurisdictions? I mention this co-incidental timing since China was pressuring the empire concerning debt payment. The weird timing of these two incidents strikes me as odd. It almost seems like a quid pro quo rather than two separate and incidents, one being legal and one being business. but what do I know, the empire considers Southrons and Texans uniformed and flyover country. How many of us will see the two stories and even imagine a connection between them or (horrors) connections with the empire’s debt to China. The whole thing looks suspicious. Is the DOJ now working for Chinese concerns? Who knows. With Manhattan real estate being as expensive as it is and JPMorgan having lots of funds, I have my doubts that they sold just because it was a good deal, but …what do I know?

Too often we just read the news and do not connect the dots there in front of us. You may want to give it a try. The connections often reveal some surprising insights.

For Texas Liberty!

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