Burden or Blessing?

On reading a recent article which pointed out Nancy Pelosi’s view on childcare, it became clear to me how she and her fellow travelers support abortion. In the article, she referred to the ‘burden of child care.’ The amount of poison in that reference is abundant. The attitude people have toward children and child care lets you know how they feel about life itself. When children are viewed as a burden rather than a blessing, society has some serious problems. It is easy for people to critisize Nancy Pelosi for her stand, yet her attitude is not so different from those of many Texas mothers who want summer to end so that they can send their children back to school and view caring for their children as a ‘burden’. When mothers view children as a burden, the natural affections have been warped. The sad part is that this attitude of viewing children as a burden is the popular mantra being programmed into our daughters in the government schools.

In order to have a ‘free Texas’ and ‘free South’, we will have to reject the lies that are being told to us, such as “Children and child care is a burden”. As long as you continue allowing such lies to sink into your mind and heart, you will not be free. This lie needs to be rejected in the churches, the schools, the social gatherings, sports events, or wherever it is heard. It is how the scourge of abortion starts. You could even call such an attitude as the precursor to a murderous spirit that comes with abortion.

Children are a blessing. They are part of our heritage. We need to cherish and foster that heritage rather than complain about it.

Liberty for Texas!


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