“No Justice, No Peace”

In the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial, and his being found not guilty, there are reactions around the empire. One of the slogans being chanted is “No Justice, No Peace’. In thinking through that chant, the reality is that such groups are wanting ‘revenge’ rather than justice. They say they want justice, yet they often do not have a clue as to what justice is. If they wanted justice, they would protest outside of legislators homes demanding that the laws be changed, rather than threatening riots and Zimmerman’s life. They would want the law applied to everyone equally. Are they actually seeking equal application of the law or are they seeking to intimidate the jurors and legal system to bend to their will? In my observation, it is the later. The threats are being directed at the person who was on trial. The legal system is supposed to show no partiality, yet in this case, the empire actually paid for agitation in the matter, which insured that the trial would be biased.

The real irony in the Zimmerman trial is that 96 years ago, the Zimmermann telegram was used to incite the people with racial tension as well. It was used to stir up people regarding the incursions into Mexico by US troops, and again several years later to provoke action with World War I. This is a case straight from the twilight zone where you have history repeating itself. Zimmerman is again being used to incite people and stir up racial tensions. The media is stirring up a frenzy of activity. So at the same time, it is a current event, yet a replay of a historic event being recycled in the same manner.

The word ‘Justice’ is being twisted to now mean ‘revenge’. When mobs are going around vandalizing and threatening all the while shouting “Justice”, there is something wrong. If the authorities delivered justice, they would be rounded up and charged for inciting riots, vandalism and whatever other crimes of slander they are committing. Such crowds do not really want “Justice”. They are wanting revenge. In some ways they are saying they want “Just-Us” and no one else. That is not true justice.

When they are threatening “No Peace”, it is a sure sign of a shake-down. In essence they are saying, we will continue being violent until you pay us off. This is nothing more than thuggery on a national scale. The unsettling part is that the media is giving them exposure and free advertising in their shake-down campaign.

Instead of organized shake-downs and intentional social agitation, we need courageous politicians and leaders who stand up to such ploys. We need men who will stand up for righteousness.

For Texas Liberty,


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