America: Get ready to be screwed

Get Covered Screwed America is coming to a church, school or organization near you. This is an all out putsch by the Obama regime to get people signed up for Obamacare. Some of the obamabots are already at work in Austin with the “Get Covered Screwed” rally at the city hall over the weekend. The propaganda campaign is designed to play on emotions and see how many people can be suckered into signing up for the program. Since the insurance pool needs a large number of healthy people in order to counter-balance those that they have promised coverage to, they will be desperate to sign up large numbers of warm bodies into their programs.

Get ready to be the target of one of the largest propaganda efforts seen in ages. It now makes sense that the regime changed the law to allow them to pump out propaganda with immunity. They needed the freedom to lie in order to promote their program and not be sued when it all goes sideways or broke.

Wake up Texas! The propaganda is coming.

Liberty for Texas!


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