Word Games

Liberals, democrats and progressives play word games with us. The use terms like “American Values”, “freedom”, and “rights”. Although you have heard these terms before, and think you know what they mean, in the mouth of a liberal or Yankee, they mean something totally different than you assume. “American values” or its partner “American freedoms” do not mean the Christian values of the founding fathers, they are not referring to Biblical or conservative values, nor are they referring to having the freedom to live life without government restrictions. Instead they mean “Civil rights” in terms of they feel entitled to what you have. They want to be able to take what is yours without having to compensate you for it. They want you to have no recourse to deny them from taking what is yours. When they talk about “American values”, they are often referring to equality and diversity. They want to lead whatever kind of perverted, immoral or twisted lifestyle they want without you having any say so or interfering with them along with demanding that you condone what they do and no longer have the right to speak out against it.

When they say, they believe in America, they are referring to big centralized government, along with the control and policies it brings. They are not referring to an America where a man can do what he wants with his land/home, have the freedom to say what he wants, and being free from government interference. They want an America where the government monitors, censors, controls and watches all that you do along with demanding that you accept that control and do obeisance to it. That is not the same “American values” of the founding fathers that sought trade without government interference, the exercise of free speech without government censorship, the freedom to travel, being free from government officials going through your personal papers and monitoring.

Consider if you will how our sons and daughters have fought in wars to protect “American freedoms”, yet somehow with each war, we end up loosing more liberties at home. With each war, instead of increasing liberties at home, we loose more. These word games have been effective. By using words that we think we know what they are saying, politicians, local leaders, talking heads and pastors have led us astray. They have lulled many Southerners to sleep with the right words, yet what they mean is very different from what we assume.

Rather than fall for their word games, question what they mean by “American values”, “American freedoms”, etc. Rather than accept what they are saying without question, dare to question what they mean before you accept it.

Liberty for Texas!


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