An unequal relationship

For relationships to work, it takes give and take from both parties. Both parties have to respect and appreciate each other. One relationship where things are very unequal is that of the SBC to the federal government. The SBC often displays the federal banner outside its churches, some even have it in a place of honor within the sanctuary. There very room where they worship God and offer praise. The SBC also honors and respects those who work for the federal government. As a group, they have bent over backwards to accommodate the empire. So how does the empire repay them? By having the Pentagon block access to the SBC website. The empire bans praying in Jesus name at soldier’s funerals where they have control, the Penatgon bans the display of the cross on military bases in Mohammedean nations, while allow the gay flag to be flown, the penatgon also recently made it policy to remove Bible verse references on the optics of many of its weapons.

To me, this is lopsided relationship. One party goes all the giving and the other (the fedgov) maligns, and misuses the giving party. If this were a human relationship, they would call this abuse. If it was up to me, I would have the SBC remove the banner from any place of honor. I would not fly its banner in front of the houses of worship. If it was flown it would be in a subservient position to the Christian banner. Alas, I do not see changes coming. Many SBC churches will likely conform with the message they send with the display of the empire’s banner and the Christan banner being subservient to its position. They will likely submit to Cesare with more than he asks, giving their money, children, sanity, loyalty and spiritual discernment to the care of the empire. Like an abused spouse, they will be used and abused by the empire rather than return to their first love.

We need to pray for our churches and our people.

Liberty for Texas,


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