What does it mean to be an American?

One of the major critiques that detractors use in discouraging the Southern movement is the practice of saying that questioning the federal government is “un-American” or anti-American. Resorting to such name calling amounts to a rhetorical gimmick often called “red herring”. First, the founding father, James Wilson intentionally changed the definition of treason in the Constitution in such a way to allow the criticizing of the government. In England, criticizing the royalty or government is treasonous. In the US, it is not. Wilson intentionally changed the definition to allow for such practices. The writings of Jefferson and other founding fathers also show that it was expected to criticise the federal government. The use of the red herring is designed to shut people up and quash any debate.

At the root of the problem is the definition of what it means to be an American. If you subscribe to the idea that America as a propositional nation, where all it means is that “All men are created equal”, then the critiques do pose a threat to your definition, since they force you to re-examine the matter. Rocking the boat and questioning such a flimsy proposition is likely to threaten your world. If you view America as a specific place, with Christian values along with it being something that was passed down you by your fathers as a heritage to pass onto your children. Then the criticisms are warranted and long overdue. The empire has not been good stewards of their promises or responsibilities. They have let down the people time and again.

Take for example, how deserts have been redefined as wetlands, how the Clean Water Act has been used to incarcerate land owners for using their land as they saw fit rather than as the empire saw fit. Consider how a federal court in Oregon ruled that it could be a federal crime to construct a baseball field for students at a public school. Consider how time and again landowners have been jailed for filling in holes on their own property. Does that sound like good stewardship by the empire or a tyranny? Such acts show a disdain for the definition of America as a definite place.

By throwing around the definition of American and calling people anti-American, the progressives are attempting to control the arguments and debate. If they can define the terms, they believe that they can control the outcome of any debate.

Instead of falling for the propositional nation hogwash, we need liberty.

Liberty for Texas!


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