The Texas High Holy Days

I often consider the days between Texas Independence Day and San Jacinto Day as the ‘high holy days’ of Texas. It was during this time that the young republic struggled to attain their liberty. It was more than ironic that the anniversary of the Goliad massacre occurred two days before the SNC’s (Southern National Congress) call for repentance and prayer. The anniversary of Goliad is always a somber time for me, recalling the execution and massacre of men outside of Goliad.

We were told to “Remember the Alamo!”. We were also told to Remember Goliad and Remember Tampico. In each of those episodes, the Mexican army executed those who surrendered after giving them reassurances of their safety. There are lessons to be learned about armed thugs (remember that many soldiers were recently released from prisons, since the general population of Mexico did not want to fire on fellow Mexican citizens). In many cases, it was recently released prisoner firing on lawful citizens.

The combination of Goliad-Call for Prayer of Repentance-Easter in sequence is a reminder for us to pray. Pray for many things. Remember your heritage, confess your sins, get right with God, and be renewed in your commitment to do what is right.

Instead of kowtowing to popular culture, remember where you come from. You are the sons of the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto. That means something. The world was shocked when Texas not only declared, but attained her independence.

Liberty for Texas!


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