IMF now wants a piece of the action

Now the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is now taking aim at the United States. They now want us to pay an additional $1.40 to each gallon of gas. The claim is that the added tax will be used to help social and environmental causes around the wold.

This is just the latest flexing of muscle by this group. They are feeling strong after giving the shaft to Cyprus. The IMF is doing nothing more than putting notches in their handle from every group and empire that they make kowtow to their demands. When President Davis said “All we want is to be left alone!” It applies to the empire and to the world, including the UN, IMF and any other power hungry nanny groups that meddle in the affairs of nations that they have no authority to meddle with. When such behavior is in reference to people, we call these types ‘busy bodies’. They do little to solve problems, but instead stir up trouble and issues.

It remains to be seen if the regime will kowtow to these financial bullies and submit to their demands.

Instead of being controlled by regimes that lack backbone, or lack authority to meddle in our affairs, we want to be left alone.

Liberty for Texas!


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