Learning about the census from the Nashville Agrarians

The empire has recently been sending out various types of census. These include business census, agriculture census and so forth. To encourage compliance with these census forms, they are including threats and fines. By calling their request for numbering things a “census”, the empire makes it more official, since the Constitution allows for a census once every ten years. Calling the requests for information a census is another word game. What the empire is really after is an inventory. They are also wanting to burden you with compiling and reporting the inventory. By having you do the work, it saves time and effort.

You may want to ask “Why?” they would such an inventory. Andrew Nelson Lytle answered this question in his essay “The Hind Tit”. He said “The only reason to number them is to turn them into cash”. He and the other Nashville Agrarians knew that when the government starts counting things, they are up to no good. They are making an inventory to turn into cash (or use as collateral). This is made clear by the recent agricultural census taking going on at this time. The agricultural census amounts to nothing more than the USDA compiling a database (e.g. inventory). When things are inventoried, someone plans on turning them into cash, plain and simple. Lytle also recommended that Southrons need to “Make those who rule the country bear the burdens of government” and provides suggestions for doing so. It would behoove us to reread “I’ll Take My Stand” and learn the lessons they have to teach us.

Instead of making governments job easier, we need a government that does not meddle in the activities of its citizens.

Liberty for Texas!


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