Dealing With Fear

It is not by accident that many Confederate leaders addressed the topic of fear. When you are standing on principle, there will be many detractors, backbiters and threats who want to induce fear into your life. The Southern leaders knew the destructive effects of fear. When Texas troops stood resolute and firm, they accomplished feats that still stir up wonder and amazement. When Granburry’s Texans withstood two attacks on their positions at Missionary Ridge with rocks, when Dick Dowling and his handful of men stood up to 5000 invading Yankees at Sabine Pass, when Hood’s Texas Brigade withstood assault after assault at Gaines Mill forced the Yankees to quit trying, when the Second Texas withstood an all-out assault on their position at Vicksburg are just a few of the many instances where Texans were outnumbered and outgunned by did not give into fear.

The Governor of Texas made reference to unmanly fear and the danger it posed in his addresses to the people of Texas. Although progressive educators have done their darndest to change the definition of manhood and society, they have not managed removing all courage from Southrons. I mention this, since the empire is going all out in its propaganda attacks. The use of propaganda and disinformation is designed to incite fear. They want you to be afraid of them, afraid to stand firm on your principles, afraid to defend your home and family. The propaganda is designed to create doubts in your mind, create confusion and obfuscate any reference point you may be using to give you hope in standing up to them.

Our ancestors faced the bluster and badgering of their opposition. We also will have to face the threats, intimidation and harassment tactics currently being used on us and our families. Once they have you feeling fearful, you are vulnerable to their guilt inducement, which is designed to weaken your ability to resist their propaganda.

Instead of unmanly fear, we need you to continue walking in manly confidence and holding firm to your convictions.

Liberty for Texas!


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