The Sequester scare in Texas

The empire is up to its same old political tricks. News (from NBC News) reports are being presented that Texas schools may loose $334 million in federal funding. The same kind scare occurred in recent years when CONgress Critter, Lloyd Doggett put his poison pill in the federal funding of Texas schools to the tune of $830 million dollars. Doggett, a former Texas State legislator knew that his poison pill would have been in violation of Texas laws. Doggett wanted to put Governor Perry in a bad light with his poison pill. Many Texans forget the past and do not recall this incident. When you put pencil to paper, $334 million is a lot less than $830 million dollars. Just think of the effect of the sequester on education as the Lloyd Doggett poison pill lite. The big difference in this case is that the head of the regime is using his being forced to make cuts to ‘take his toys and go home’. Rather than man up, policies are put in place with the intention of making others look bad and turning the public opinion against the Republicans.

In my mind, the Congress should exercise their power and cut the salaries to federal judge and executive branch agencies, like the EPA. Without funds, they would slow down and become more responsive to the people. Bear in mind that the cuts are reductions in raises, which reduce the amount of growth, not a true cutting of services. The politicians are exaggerating the impact so as to increase the emotional pain of the sequester.

Cuts needed to be made. Before you buy into the education lobby’s scare tactics as they run around like a chicken with their head cut off, remember that Lloyd Doggett and his Demokratic cohorts wanted to do more damage to Texas in terms of more than double the amount in question with the sequester. At least the Republicans have made some cuts, unlike their counterparts.

So rather than fall for the hype, remember your history and how this hype happens on a regular cyclical basis.

Instead of cyclical political hype, we needs principled statesmen.

Liberty for Texas,


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