CSCOPE not to be taught verbatim!

It is always good to have encouraging news. At this point, the Texas Legislature has taken action on the CSCOPE curriculum. When it was put under the microscope of public opinion, and in the spotlight of the media, the promoters changed their tune. Teachers feared criminal prosecution for sharing the lesson plans. When a teacher becomes guilty of criminal acts just for sharing what is presented in the classroom with parents, something is wrong, SERIOUSLY WRONG.

Now it looks like the State Board of Education will be reviewing the material, and there will be greater transparency. Prior to this, they were as transparent as….the ruling regime. It is concerning that this material has been in place since 2006 and it took six or more years to bring the problems to the light of day. In those six years, you have to wonder how many children were misled and indoctrinated by it? The damage has been done. Let us hope it is not irreparable.

The CSCOPE situation brings to light some problems with how long it takes for such propaganda issues to be exposed and dealt with.

Instead of indoctrinating with curriculum that damages our heritage and culture, we need curriculum that celebrates Texas culture and heritage.

Liberty for Texas!


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