Now they are drawing commmunist flags

lenin.pngAs more information on the secretive CSCOPE curriculum emerges, the worse it stinks. The latest revelation is that 6th graders in your Texas schools, paid for by your tax dollars were asked to design a flag for a modern communist nation. Keep in mind that young men and women are being sent oversees to “protect your freedoms” so that school districts can assign 6th graders to design a new communist flag. ( I do not say teachers, since many of them are opposed to the CSCOPE program.) The administration in many districts seem to be the ones pushing (yes, like a drug pusher pushes the street drug of the day) this unwanted, hidden from parental view product onto young minds.

On one hand the exercise is egregious, yet bear in mind that the Union armies were often commanded or led by socialists and communists who were using military force to have their way on our forefathers. Is is surprising or honest that the schools, which are dominated by unions would be forcing students to fantasize and creatively imagine socialist accouterments. In all honesty it is in keeping with the dreams of socialist like Francis Bellamy who authored the Pledge, where students are forced to swear allegiance to the forced Union and centralized control of the empire. Although having children romanticize such socialist symbols is repulsive to me and repulsive to any Texan who loves freedom, this is a logical step in advancing their socialist agenda. Consider that Earth Day coincides with Vladamir Lenin’s birthday. Coincidence? Not hardly.

Instead of socialist indoctrination, these children need to know about Southern writers like Sidney Lanier, or Southern statesmen like Alexander Stephens and Louis Wigfall of Texas. They would definitely be better role models than men who enjoyed beating women, engaged in adultery and plagiarizing their papers.

Liberty for Texas!


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