How would independence help?

Having an independent Texas will help your lives in many ways. Government will be more accountable to the voters at all levels of government. The local issues will be addressed on the local level. This means that the local school district will decide what needs to be taught and what the children need rather than Washington bureaucrats or some teacher’s union. Your sons and daughters would not be going off to Afghanistan, Mali or Iraq fighting in a war whose purpose changes on a weekly basis. Texas would also have social policies that fit our culture rather than having an alien culture and values imposed on us. That means issues like abortion, gun control, and legalization of drugs will be decided by Texans. It means that our access to raw milk, natural health remedies and vitamins will be handled here in Texas rather than shaped by a government agency controlled by big pharmaceutical firms.

Financially, we would not be under all the international agreements that the United States is. We would make decisions based on what is best for Texas when it comes to trade and economic treaties. We would not have to follow unfunded mandates that currently drains school districts and cities of funds that are needed elsewhere.

Texas prisons would be handled by Texas rather than controlled by federal judges.

Texas could protect its own borders, rather than have to kow-tow to Washington’s latest whims and priorities. Instead of making unfounded issues like global warming and controlling pirated movies a priority, those items important to Texas like having safe borders would be the focus of border law enforcement.

Sure, there would still be differences of opinion on what is best in each community, yet these would be based on what the needs of ‘we the people of Texas’ rather than using one size fits all needs forced upon us that are not in keeping with our values and priorities.

Would independence help? Yes, without a doubt.

Liberty for Texas!


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