Tough Questions regarding CSCOPE

There are many questions regarding the implementation of CSCOPE within 80% of Texas school districts. Although the money people love it since they do not have to purchase text books, the implementation of the program has managed to by pass the State Board of Education which has a public examination of curriculum material before it is put into use and tax dollars spent. In the case of CSCOPE, the program was purchased with tax dollars and implemented without gaining approval of the duly elected State Board of Education. The tough question is “How did they bypass the SBOE?” and “Who is benefiting from bypassing the SBOE?”

Whether you like them or not, the SBOE are elected by the people. They serve as the check and balance on curriculum. When they are bypassed, someone is cramming material down the throats of Texas students without local voices being heard. Perhaps the motto of the District of Columbia “Taxation without Representation” is in play here where “Tax Dollars being spent without representation” is going on in Texas.

The bypassing of the checks and balances is a dangerous precedent. Since the future of Texas is at stake with what children are taught or indoctrinated with, we all have a concern in this matter. If the content was accessible to the public, then there could be debate on the material. This way, the public would have its input in the matter. The way the current situation is, there has been no public input, which is dangerous.

Instead of bypassing the law, we need districts that respect the law. Before asking for more tax dollars at the Texas Legislature, they need to allow the proper State agency review the material they are using.

Liberty for Texas!


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