Rebranding-Is Obamacare in trouble?

The 0-regime is now rebranding ‘healthcare exchanges’ as marketplaces. What does this mean? It means several things.

1) The regime is playing word games similar to what George Orwell warned us about with ‘newspeak’. It is not by coincidence that the National Socialist regime used similar ploys in their rise to power and control. They often used changes in words in order to change people’s thinking.

2) This change in wording at this time may also be a signal that the program is in trouble. In order to lower insurance cost, they are creating massive pools of clients. The only way they can cover the pre-existing conditions is to put a large number of healthy people in the pool to spread the cost across a wider number of payers. Having spent a number of years on the Gulf Coast of Texas, I am familiar with insurance pools for disaster and hurricane coverage. When you are a bad driver, they often put you in the ‘pool’ as well. Yes, you can get insurance, but it cost more, MUCH more. They have to put you in a pool so that your risk is spread across either many providers or many other high risk persons paying in. Bottom line is that the only way the government can cover the many health issues is to ‘force’ large numbers of healthy people into the plan so that the healthy people can cover the unhealthy one. In other words, those of you who lead wholesome or healthy lives are being forced to cover those persons who have led profligate or unhealthy lifestyles.

Once the pools are developed, then the empire will ratchet up their control and tell you how to live, what to eat, and what you can not do. They want to keep their cost down which means they have to use force to funnel you into a lifestyle with lower insurance risk.

3) The regime’s Obamacare plan is depending on the creation of these pools. Without the pools, they can not enforce the revenue penalties, they cannot provide healthcare to many pre-existing conditions, they can not keep costs contained. The putting of people into a common risk pool is critical for their plan’s success. The placing of healthy and unhealthy into the common the same pool or ‘community’ gives them a way of managing the people through the ‘community’. (Is it any wonder why they are called commun(ity)ists?)

Instead of the government controlled healthcare, we need to allow the free market to be unleashed regarding health care. History shows that what the government tries control, prices rise dramatically and quality goes down.

Liberty for Texas!


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