Are you aware that we are at war?

The present debates over Constitutional freedoms has brought many things to light. One of those items is that corporations are now being used as weapons against us. Consider how Wal-Mart, Jax Mercantile and Dick’s Sporting Goods have changed their policies regarding guns, removing some products from their stores after the Sandy Hook incident. Companies like Jax Mercantile (it’s in Colorado, so go figure) has further decided on no longer offering high capacity magazines for sale as well. Even ebay has joined in the craze by not allowing sellers to offer high capacity magazines for sale. The latest is Bank of America choosing not to allow its cards be used for purchases of guns or ammunition. Even ‘Cheaper Than Dirt’ suspended its online gun and ammo sales for a period of time.

Wake up! None of these products are illegal (in most States). What is happening is that companies are being used as weapons against you and your access to products. There is a war on against you , your freedoms and your values. When you wake up to the fact that Wal-Mart, Bank of America and Dick’s Sporting Goods are NOT your friends you will be better for it. Those companies take money from you and then use it against you and your freedoms. I have not patronized these stores for years and it is in your best interest to not do so either. Years ago, Wal-Mart emphasized products made in America. Those days are gone. These days, they do not even support the values of Americans, even though they still like to use the Empire’s flag on its logos and trucks.

These companies are being used as weapons against us. They are choosing to be the tools of freedom-hating control freaks rather than serve the communities they are in.

Instead of supporting those who are being used as weapons against you, spend your money elsewhere.

Liberty for Texas!


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