A timely quote by a founding father of Texas: Henry Smith

“Citizens of Texas! Descendants of Washington! awake! arouse yourselves! The question is now to be decided: are we to continue freemen, or bow beneath the rod of military despotism? Shall we, without a struggle, sacrifice our fortunes, our liberties and our lives or shall we emulate the example of our forefathers, and hurl destruction at the heads of our oppressors? The eyes of the world are upon us! All friends of liberty and the rights of man are anxious spectators of our conflict and are enlisted in our cause. Shall we disappoint their expectations? No! Let us at once fly to arms, march to the battle-field, meet the foe and give renewed evidence to the world that the arms of freemen, uplifted in defense of their liberties and rights is irresistible. ‘Now is the day and now is the hour’ that Texas expects every man to do his duty. Let us show ourselves worthy to be free and we shall be free!-”

Governor Henry Smith of Texas

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