Books? Who needs books when you have CSCOPE to dim young minds in Texas.

There is a new threat to the education of Texas youth. This new threat is known as CSCOPE. This program is currently in 80% of Texas school districts. This curriculum is a computer based program that the children do in school, so that there is no text book for parents to look at. Since the program is on the computer, there is little accountability. What makes matters worse is that this curriculum is being forced on many districts and few teachers are daring to speak out. Those that have spoken out in Lubbock, Gonzales and Hays Counties have expressed fear of retribution. Although it is marketed as a curriculum guide, teachers are finding themselves forced to implement it, and in many districts are forced to sign documents where they agree not to discuss its contents to anyone outside of the school.

Some writers have raised questions as to whether CSCOPE is a program designed to be an end around by the empire’s Department of Education to undermine the standards set by the Texas Education Agency which are higher than the CSCOPE standards. There is still some mystery as to who wrote the program. It was assembled by “current and former teachers who work for a collaborative of Education Services Centers”. This sounds nice, but as of yet, it is unclear who the author(s) are. The program is ‘vertically integrated’, which means that it starts on a basic level and builds.

This indoctrination program presents many errors, presenting Christianity as a cult, asks young girls about their sexuality, along with presenting misleading and erroneous teachings in science and history. The program takes a ‘constructivist’ approach to learning, where the children decide on their own reality. What that means is that they become impaired in their thinking.

If you have a child or relative in the government indoctrination centres, I encourage you to visit the site of Texas CSCOPE Review to learn more about this latest threat to the children of Texas. Even if you do not have children in the public schools, the danger it poses to the masses of Texans is great. This is a matter needing your attention. When 70-80% of the kids in Texas are indoctrinated with this material, it is a significant threat that has slid under the radar. Without text books, they have slithered into schools like unwanted snakes posing a threat to all thinking Texans or people that want to improve the education level of Texas.

Instead of computerized indoctrination programs not even approved by the Texas Education Agency, we need real education, with real facts, correct spelling and accurate science.

Liberty for Texas!


PS-As more has come out about CSCOPE, one of the items is that operatives in the Department of Education are reportedly trying to circumvent the legislative process in Texas. The other item that has come out is that since CSCOPE is online, many of the controversial elements have been eliminated when they are about to be exposed. That way, such things as teaching that Allah is God or presenting Christianity alongside WICCAN beliefs, or that the Boston Tea Part was conducted by terrorists, etc. are hidden prior to being exposed.

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