Orwell warned us about Shiela Jackson Lee

The British writer George Orwell was giving us a warning when he penned, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” In his book 1984, he pointed out how language would be twisted around by Big Brother. What was a nightmare to Orwell is here today. In the latest episode, we have Texas CONgress Critter, of the 18th Texas Congressional District, telling us that “entitlements are earned”. Her speech is worth listening to in terms of how she encourages the speaker not to tell the people that social security is insolvent and that the empire is “on the upswing’. This woman’s wagon is missing a few wheels.

She also points out that “entitlements are not handouts”. If they are not hand outs, I have to wonder how they were earned other than by completing the paperwork involved.

As Southrons, we need to be aware of demagogs such as this CONgress Critter and the distortions they perform. They lead the people to believe something that is not true. In her case, it is no wonder, since she is a New York born lawyer. She wants the people to believe that they earn their entitlements, she wants them to believe that social security is solvent, she wants them to believe that the empire is in good financial shape. She wants the people to believe that Bill Clinton left the Treasury Department with a 5.7 TRILLION surplus. Even the Treasury Department’s numbers do not agree with her claims, but hey…she’s a lawyer. You will have to ‘prove’ that she is wrong.

Instead of wrong-headed politicians leading the people astray, we need honesty.

Liberty for Texas!


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