Signs of financial hurting:Currency Debasement

The Treasury Department has announced that it will change what pennies and nickels are made of. As the empire expands its reach, they are hurting financially. The change in what coins are made of is a CURRENCY DEBASEMENT. The empire is changing the value of your coins right in front of you. That means that the nickels and pennies in your pocket now are worth more than they will be when the 2013 coins come out, by almost double. Most of the time, the empire does its currency debasement behind your back. This one is taking place right in front of you. Your coins will drop in value even more. One of the things I have noticed with many foreign coins is that they feel cheap. Now the coins of the empire will join those other cheap feeling coins as they sell us out even more.

Instead of currency debasement, we need a government that takes steps to improve our economic situation.

Liberty for Texas!


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