You mean there was a UN day and we missed it?

The had of the 0-regime recently proclaimed October 23, 2012 as United Nations Day. In that proclamation, he encouraged the governors of all 50 States ” to observe United Nations Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities”. In Texas, that means a trip to the gun range, using the UN flag as a doormat, and saluting it in every porta-potty one encounters. Although these would be appropriate observations of a world body that has done more to create conflicts and meddle than it has to bring peace, the passing of the day in total obscurity was also appropriate. unfreez-bt3.jpg

The UN is not a friend of the South. They do not like regional identities or sovereign nations. You need to know that. They are not friends of us securing our liberties.

The proclamation was interesting for another item. Besides encouraging the governors to observe his proclamation, he included others in the observation with the phrase “the officials of all other areas under the flag of the United States”. He essentially wants any place with the US flag to observe it. That does several things 1) Since we are under the Confederate flag, we are not included, 2) If your church is “under” the US flag, he is wanting your church to observe UN day. Will your church has special services to commemorate what Caesar has decreed? Will they honor the murdering, raping hooligans in the UN? It is my hope that you, your church and your community will wake up to how the UN is not our friend, and neither is the empire.

Liberty for Texas,

J Murrah

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