The Empire wants a seat at your supper table

The Empire and its minions, like roaches are always looking for ways to sneak in your home. The Empire and its nanny ways have grown exponentially. The 0-regime began dictating what items are served on the tables of government schools. After reducing the number of snacks and sodas, they moved on to dictating what can be served and the number of calories allowed to each student. That same kind of mindset is now encroaching on your home. The 0-regime wants to tell people how to eat. The encroachment is a direct threat to the sanctity of your home. With many families having abdicated the education of their children to government indoctrination centres, and abdicating the cooking of meals to fast food joints, it is not surprising that the nanny state makes such a move.

Make no mistake, such encroachment starts with guidelines and will be followed up with enforcement and penalties. The use of force is the empire’s favorite way of achieving compliance with its dictates. It does little good to make guidelines without any kind of teeth behind it. Many of you would not invite Yankees to your table, now they are demanding a place. Michelle O wants to dictate your menu.

Instead of meddling with what goes on your table, they need to mind their own business. She can’t control her own husband, so now she wants to control you and your families diet.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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