The Government Meat/Ethanol Scam

The empire is making things worse once again. Rather than government being the solution, they are making problems worse. In the latest episode, the 0-regime has begun purchasing meat from farmers in the midwest. The idea sounds like a nice way to help people on the surface and to buy some votes from the farmers. It is pleasant enough to have the local press present it as government largesse. The program amounts to a government subsidy on meat. Initially, it will get money to farmers. By purchasing meat in such large quantities, it will keep them artificially high, rather than let the market do its thing. The real reason behind the meat purchase is more insidious. The empire wants to protect corn crops, since they have mandated that 40% of all our corn crops go into ethanol, which no one wants. To keep the ethanol flowing, $170 million is being spent on the meat. Instead of choosing to drop the ethanol mandate due to the drought, they increase government spending and market manipulation.

Bottom line for the South-higher meat prices, more taxes, more unwanted ethanol and more government. All that translates to less freedom and greater costs.

This latest episode is how the empire always wants more government, with its regulations rather than a more workable solution of dropping the needless mandates and regulations. Rather than people getting fooled by fake government largesse, you need to see the big picture.

In another timely example, the Labor Department is giving $100 Million to the States in order to prevent layoffs. This is nothing more than a job subsidy to purchase votes and artificially inflate employment numbers.

In both the meat and the job scams, the empire is purchasing votes, and artificially inflating things. Wait till their monies are gone, then where will people be? Broke, hungry and jobless. It is time that you woke up and support the League.

Instead of increasing government programs and nanny-state mandates, we need less government and more liberty.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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