The Pecan Street Payoff

In an effort to wow the masses with the propaganda of smart meters and electric cars, the Pecan Street project located outside of Austin is a showpiece. The most recent edition to the neighborhood are the Chevy Volts. There are 55 of the heavily subsidized electric cars in the community. This represents the greatest concentration of Chevy Volts in the world. (When a collection of 55 cars represents the greatest concentration in the world, I have to wonder if they are supercars or super-unwanted cars).

This smart community has a $10 million dollar federal grant and other major contributors. Is it any wonder that this confab is in CON-gress Critter Lloyd Doggett‘s district? Is it any wonder that Doggett voted to take away our light bulbs and supports the unfounded energy policies of the 0-regime? Bear in mind that this is the same Department of Energy that pressured Texas electricity generating plants to shut down their operations. If that seems like they are talking out of both sides of their mouth, well…they are. That is why you have to look at their actions along with who benefits (cui bono as the Romans would say). When Texas needs energy, why is the DOE funding a clean energy playground Volt-ville like Pecan Street while wanting to shut down plants and raise electricity prices on Texans across our land? Good question. I’ll wager that Lloyd Doggett is not going to be the one to ask it.

Smart Meters and their associated smart neighborhood are not a good fit for Texas. It is bad enough that the smart meter spies on their users, and allows greater government control of your electricity usage. The smart meter will also put Texas on a national power grid. Just look at the news on India and see what happens when a grid goes down. If you remember the storms on the East Coast and how portions of the grid went down there, you can see the foolishness of the ‘smart grid’ (which is actually the dumb grid, since they can be hacked and hijacked with a little computer know how) It speaks loudly that the only way people will purchase the electric go-carts is when there is a large ($7,500) tax credit and another $7500 rebate for purchasing the ‘feindish thingies’.

True to form with the politics of the day, you can take the name of a bill or policy, turn it 180 degrees around and be closer to the truth. In this case, the Smart City becomes the Dumb City filled with dumb ideas. If the idea was cost effective, then why does it require $24 million to subsidize the thing? If the cars were great, then why do they need rebates? If Obama recommends the cars, why would you buy it?

The Pecan Street neighborhood is not a good one for Texas. It is not good for freedom minded people or those who value their privacy. If you are one who wants to mindlessly follow the trends, and fall for the latest con, then Pecan Street is the place for you.

Instead of hair brained ideas like Pecan Street, we need the EPA to back off of the Texas power plants and let us take care of our own. What would have happened if that 10 million dollars went to the Texas schools instead of the Texas Volt-ville? More kids would know the basics of electricity and science. That is what would happen. We need liberty and common sense rather than expensive toys, massive government rebates and payoffs.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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