The Beck/Barton Controversy

One of the problems with neo-cons is that they present a lot of truth with a little bit of poison. I am reminded of a Texas preacher who often said “Remember that rat poison is 95% good oats”. I mention this due to a recent episode of the Glen Beck show where they presented falsehoods about Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Although Glen Beck has woken many people up to political matters, as has David Barton, when it comes to Nathan Bedford Forrest, they are off base. I admire the work of David Barton and Wallbuilders, yet on this one, we must part ways. It behooves one to study before you speak. I wish that Barton and Beck had studied Forrest with the same effort that they have studied the Founding Fathers. In response to the show, Shane Kastler wrote a blog post addressing the matter. Since he is a Forrest researcher, and author of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Redemption, he is more knowledgeable about the matter than Beck and Barton. It grieves me that Beck and Barton would sully their reputations by presenting half-truths, but in this day and time, many neo-cons are guilty of that. For that reason, as Paul told Timothy ‘Study to show thyself approved…” You also need to study in order to recognize error and lies when you see them.

Liberty (and truth) for Texas!

J. Murrah

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