“We (the government) must electrically control the brain”

It remains to be seen whether the Obamacare health care progrom requires chipping of citizens or not. It is not by accident that the 0-regime has been working diligently on enrolling as many people as they can into government progroms. When you are in their plan, they tell you what to do. They ‘won’ you. Much has been made of the police state, with little attention given the growing menace of the medical profession with the demand that you follow their dictates. Think about it, they tell you what you can eat, what pills you must take, and how to live your life. That is plain and simple control. I am reminded of a quote made back in the 1970’s by a neuroscientist, “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. We must electrically control the brain.” Not all health care professionals have that attitude, although a growing number do.

There are many threats to our freedoms, whether the EPA guidelines, National Service Programs, Obamacare, UN Small Arms Treaty, Law of the Sea Treaty, FACTA, and numerous others. As the empire losses its authority, it is attempting to control more and more. Never mind that they undermined their own authority, the point is, that they are getting desperate. Obamacare and the potential of chipping is just the latest Yankee horror on the horizon.

Instead of fascisti-oriented health care workers, we need good old fashioned doctors who respect patient privacy and patient driven decisions regarding their health.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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