Academia under attack from academia over speaking the truth

Mark Regnerus, a sociologist at the University of Texas as Austin has upset many liberals in academia. His crime? He dared to report that “adult children of parents who had same-sex romantic relationships, including same-sex couples as parents, have more emotional and social problems than do adult children of heterosexual parents with intact marriages. ” His findings upset many in academia, who are now targeting him. It is not only academics, but also advocacy groups that are complaining about his findings. He dared exposing some sacred cows that academia did not want exposed. Such findings threaten the cultural mantras that are currently in vogue at the University of Texas and other bastions of liberal thought.

This episode is instructional for the League in several ways. 1-It makes it clear that ‘scientific research’ done at liberal universities often has political purposes rather than seeking out the ‘truth’. 2-It shows how the so called open minded liberal establishment is intolerant of truth or any information that they deem ‘offensive’. 3-It shows that liberal academia care more about politics than facts or science. When you do not publish the ‘right’ conclusions that are politically acceptable, your days are numbered.

I have often been skeptical of much of the sociology research. When I see episodes like this, my suspicions are validated. Rather than seeking to find ‘truth’, the universities like UT are more interested in indoctrination to ‘accepted’ views than honesty. Many times the media and social sciences preach ‘unsavory’ ideas while claiming that their ideas are based on scientific research. There is a good reason to hold such research suspect, especially distorted propaganda like the Kinsey report.

Instead of academics who put on shows of seeming to be open minded seekers of knowledge, we need honesty. Honesty regarding what they find and their conclusions. Instead of research to bolster their biases, we need honest research.

Liberty for Texas! (including ‘true’ academic liberality, where professors search out the truth, rather than validation of their political agendas)

J Murrah

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