Rejection of Medicaid Expansion: A Southern Thang?

When I saw the news story that 15 governors either reject or are leaning toward rejection of the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare, I suspected that most of them were in the South. Sure enough 9 of the 15 were Confederate States. It is not co-incidence that freedom begins in the South. Amoung the States were South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia and Missouri. The remaining Southern States of Tennessee, North Carolina and Oklahoma are neutral on the matter. The only Southern State somewhat supportive of the measure is Arkansas.

It is not by accident that the first War of Independence began in the South, or that the Second War for Southern Independence began in the South. It remains to be seen if the Third War of Independence begins in the South as well. There is already a chasm in terms of policy and values. Politically the South is separate from the Yankee kingdom.

Instead of kowtowing to the Imperial dictates, we need a government that interposes itself between the empire and the sovereign citizens.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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