The Obamacare Decision



28 JUNE 2012

Many thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, indeed!

The editorials today are full of lamentations: “The Republic is destroyed!” “Supreme Court rules against the American People!” “Nullify ObamaCare now!”

And our phones in The League of the South office are ringing off the hook. Our e-mail is jammed with inquiries. It is as if a tsunami has stuck the people of the country—north, South, east, and west—and everyone suddenly realizes that the DC regime really is all powerful! And what they’ve been calling a free country is no such thing.

All we in The League can say is “Welcome to reality. We told you so. Now here’s your application to join us.”

As our first new member after the decision came down this morning wrote: “With the Obamacare decision, I can no longer pretend we live in a constitutional republic as envisioned by the founders. So, with the burden of pretending it is so (even with the evidence to the contrary) off my chest, I’ve applied for membership in the League of the South and have also submitted an additional donation.”

From the start, The League has called the regime in DC “an organized criminal enterprise.” We have been looking for ways to bring to the attention of the average citizen the fact that this “Union” is not worth the price we’re asked to pay. What we want people to understand is that secession and Southern independence (as well as independence for other historic regions) ought to be a viable option. If not secession and independence from DC, then what? Going down with the sinking ship? We don’t think so! Remember this: If you can’t leave, then you’re not free!

Today, the “conservative” Chief Justice, John Roberts, and four other Justices have given us a big helping hand! Now the mask is off the monster and everyone can see what we’re up against—a huge government, controlled by socialists and fascists, that consumes our rights and substance by defining the limits of its own power!

I’ll tell you what. You send to the League office your own personalized Thank You card (see our address below), with a note to Mr. Chief Justice Roberts, and be sure to include a crisp picture of that infamous Yankee General, U.S. Grant, and I will personally see that:

Your card is forwarded to the SCOTUS for his attention;
You will received 10 copies of our Free Magnolia tabloid for recruiting purposes;
You will receive 10 applications for membership for like-minded friends, and;
You will be enrolled as a League member in good standing for the next 12 months.

Your task will be to tell ten friends: “Look, instead of just complaining, how about you support the one organization that can bring a real, viable solution to the table: Southern Nationalism, Secession, and Independence! You will be putting your money where your mouth is. Here’s an application, and this is something positive and proactive you can do to change our future and get us out from under the tyrants in DC. I’ve joined and I think you should, too.”

Relieve of the burden of pretense, let us now move forward toward a future of liberty and prosperity in a free and independent South!

Michael Hill, President
Killen, Alabama

League of the South, P.O. Box 760, Killen, Alabama 35645


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