Could the empire use an extra 4 billion?

It never ceases to amaze me how the empire, in its greed for MORE manages shooting itself in the foot. The latest faux-pax is the use of the child tax credits by illegal immigrants. The government looses at least 4 billion a year due to this loophole. Having to pay taxes is anger producing enough, yet discovering that billions are going to illegal immigrants is blood pressure raising. What makes matters worse is that the IRS is claiming that it would be too much trouble to verify that the children claimed are theirs or that those tax credits are going to children in the United States. The powers that be claim that the IRS was made aware of this loophole and problem long ago, and that this abuse continues. If I had a 4 billion dollar hole in my pocket, you can rest assured it would be fixed. This is just another symptom of over-reach by the empire.

The Confederate Constitution would have never allowed for such foolishness. Instead of allowing 4 billion to be paid out yearly rather than verify things, we need sanity.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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