SPLC: Wal-Marts cause hate groups

In what is a combination of bad science and propaganda, the SPLC has published a scholarly (?) article where they claim ‘prove conclusively that the presence of a Wal-Mart in a county provides a direct correlation to the presence of “hate groups” in that county’. (Here is an abstract of the article).

This latest publication is a joke. Any decent social scientist knows that there is a correlation between the number of fire trucks in county and the number of fires in the county. Does that mean that fire trucks cause fires? Fire trucks do not cause fires anymore than Wal-Marts inspire hate groups. What their claim does tell me is that they (the SPLC) have functionally redefined hate group to be the average American who lives paycheck to paycheck and shops at Wal-Mart. Their research is making the average person the ‘enemy’. Their research reveals more about their mindset than it does about finding the cause of hate groups. Given the types that donate to the SPLC, they may view the everyday American as opposed to their values and ways of doing things. The SPLC, like other organizations follow their marching orders based on who pays them to the tune of $106,000/day.

Using the same kind of logic used by the SPLC, there is a direct correlation between the involvement of the SPLC and domestic terror attacks. Since they were highly involved in Oklahoma City, what other conclusion can one draw. There is a higher incidence of bombing by socialists and their heroes than by the ‘hate groups’ claimed by the SPLC.

Number of buildings blown up by people associated with the the SPLC=1,
Number of buildings blown up by the Weathermen (led by Bill Ayers, an 0-bama associate)=6,
Number of bombings by groups involving Nelson Mandela=7,
Number of bombings by Southern ‘hate’ groups identified by the SPLC=0

When you look at the numbers, you can see where the real problems lie.

The sad part is that there will be some non-thinking members of the mainstream media that will believe what the SPLC says. Since it is in a scholarly journal, they will assume, “it must be true” rather than investigate things for themselves. Besides being comic relief, the findings of the SPLC reveal the sad condition of social research.

Instead of bad science and paid hack propaganda, we need honesty in investigations and reporting.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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