Why it is important to remember the past

As Texians and Southrons you have likely heard the comment “Why don’t you just get over it?”. There are many who want to change the history of the War along with its causes and consequences. The rewriting of the events concerning the war began before the War ended and continues to the present day. I was reminded of the importance of remembering the War when I saw a recent article on how the Pentagon is researching ‘Narrative Networks’. Their research seeks to disrupt your thinking and brain processing regarding events that lead to political violence, like the stripping away of rights as occurred in the Second War of Independence or the Constitutional War.

The researchers know the power of stories in determining how the brain interprets information. If they can alter your narrative, then you will interpret events differently. Research like this reminds me why in the Bible God wanted the people to remember key events over and over again. We likewise need to rehearse key Biblical events along with the events leading up to and during the war. Since people, and governments often follow patterns, knowing and recognizing those patterns is important. Knowing the patterns of government, especially when it comes to abusing their power is important. Many agendas would never be in place without the use of force.

This new science amounts to an elevated form of brain-washing. The researchers know that they need to change the narrative (story) along with developing communities that re-enforce those altered narratives so that the new version will be viewed as ‘trustworthy’ and be accepted as ‘true’. It no longer matters what is factually correct, the Pentagon researchers are more interested in developing what narratives or stories will continue supporting the modern version of the empire. Every pantheon needs stories to continue its existence. The Pentagon is seeking what stories they can tell the masses to keep them pacified and following the ‘official’ version of history.

Keep telling the stories to your children, your friends and your compatriots. The thin Grey line still lives as long as we keep telling and retelling our cultural narratives which extol Christian virtues, Southern heroes and Southern culture.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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