The Stupid Grid and its health threatening meters

The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 funded many things, including green energy and the so-called ‘smart grid’. We have already seen what happened with the green energy companies. The former executives are living the life of Riley on the taxpayer dime. I have addressed the danger of the so-called smart grid several times in the past. This thing is a threat to personal liberty, fosters energy dependence, is a threat to privacy along with other dangers. The grid is in the news again as a hacking expert, David Chalk addresses how the grid will be hacked within three years. He points out that it will not only be hacked, there will be a catastrophic failure. Given that the 0-regime has worked diligently toward the destruction of our energy resources and our access to them, it is no wonder that they want the smart grid. It gives the regime control over many aspects of our lives and energy consumption.

Liberty includes the freedom to use energy however you want to without government interference or government rationing. When you can not wash your clothes or run your computer or power saw when you want, you do not have true liberty. The smart grid is a danger that needs to be stopped. Fortunately Texas is on another grid than the one much of the empire is on. There are increasing pressures for Texas to be on the smart grid. Sadly the Public Utility Commission has just been suckered into joining the cooperative pushing the smart grid.

The push for the smart grid is real, even here in Texas. There are some serious health concerns with the smart meters which emit 100 times more radiation than cell phones being placed in the homes. Not only is there radiation concerns, the level of radiation has altered brain functioning with just a short exposure.

These meters transmit for a range of about 2 miles and can produce serious health problems for humans and anything else within the transmission range.

If you are serious about not wanting the government to be monitoring your power consumption, or exposing you to unsafe EMF transmission then you need to act soon, since the comment period for allowing opt-out options in Texas closes June 28 of this year.

Instead of Smart meters being foisted upon us, we need liberty. We need to choose whether or not we want the fiendish devises and the fiendish smart grid.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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