Reseaching on babies, Dr. Mengele style

I often wonder how the ethics board of the University of California at San Francisco can sleep at night. In the latest study done at the government school, researchers administered acetaminophen to infants. Bear in mind that a panel set up by the FDA themselves in 2007 recommended that the medication NOT be given to infants under the age of 6 years. On top of this, the medication has NOT been approved to administer to infants at all. Despite these strong safety recommendation, researchers gave the medication to 8 week old infants.
This is research in the style of the Nazi physician, Dr. Mengele. Think about this. A research team decides on administering a drug, which has not been proven safe for children, and which a team of physicians said to not use on infants at all due to the potential safety issues, and injects that drug not once, but repeatedly so that there would be less reactions to the toxins being injected into the infants in the form of vaccines and their adjuvants. (In other words, they are using unsafe medications to lower severity of infant reactions to toxins being injected into them).

(If a parent went ahead and showed such a flagrant violation of federal medication and safety recommendations, they could have ended up in front of a judge.)

In the study conducted at the University of California, researchers found that infants given the drug in the afternoon slept better and in the minds of the researchers had better vaccine responsiveness. (Keep in mind that the medical establishment wants your infant to have 20 or more vaccines). Although the human body uses fever to fight off invasive agents, the acetaminophen reduced the possibility of such a natural reaction from taking place and fighting off potentially dangerous invasive chemicals.

This is just the latest barbaric study conducted. This is a matter of concern for Southrons, in that the medical establishment often dictates how you are to care for your child. Although you care for your child and want to avoid exposing them to dangerous chemicals, especially when their immune systems are not fully developed, the medical establishment does not show a similar care or regard when they are experimenting on children using unsafe drug regimens.

We need liberty in the area of economics, politics and health. Rather than following the dictates of a medical establishment controlled by the empire and drug companies, we need health care providers that want to improve our health and not put our children’s health in danger.

We need liberty in the area of health care rather than researchers who want to pump our children full of vaccines and unsafe drugs.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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