The DHS immigration trojan horse

The reality is that we live in an empire. Part of living in this empire means that the powers that be are spying on us. This is nothing new, the Roman empire did it, the Tudors did it, and now the O-Regime does it. The latest revelation concerns the Department of Homeland Security. The official story is that their spying program was “limited to gathering information that would help gain operational awareness about attacks, disasters or other emerging problems”. Although this is the stated purpose, the reality is very different. You may consider what they are doing as lying to you about it. In their minds it is not lying, it is a matter of re-defining words to fit their purpose. All this talk about ‘operational awareness’ means that they are keeping their finger on the pulse of social media (e.g.spying) as part of “gauging “public reaction to major government proposals with homeland security implications.” To put it another way, they are wanting to know what our opinions are, what information we have access to and whether or not we are swallowing the swill they have been shoveling.

This is the same regime that now claims that the media should not have had access to the apology letter that the head of the regime sent to the tinpot dictator Karzai. In other words, we were not supposed to know about the apology. The man who is supposed to be the spokesman for us all does not want us to know what he is telling the world. Such actions make you wonder what the rest of the world is being told.

Here in Texas, immigration is a concern. The empire is not protecting our borders either directly by their refusing to putting more boots on the ground or indirectly, by selling guns to drug runners thereby inciting border violence and de-stabilizing the area. Although Janet Napolitano claims that security along the border with Mexico “is better now than it ever has been“. I can tell you from personal experience that the number of cross-border shoppers is down, that fewer Mexican troops are on their side keeping that side of the border safe, and that there is more high-tech border patrol materials in use. You can choose to believe the truth or swallow the swill the regime continues spewing. When folks like Janet say the border is safer than ever, you can count on the opposite being closer to the truth than what they tell you.

Instead of a regime that makes secret apologies, or lies to us about their monitoring and spying on us, we need liberty. We need a government that actually protects our borders rather than engaging in unjust wars in foreign lands.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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