Playing ‘hide the pea’ with internet regulations and privacy

The O-regime has now gone on the record as backing ‘voluntary’ guidelines for web companies regarding privacy. Note the operative word ‘voluntary’. On the surface, it sounds good, yet the empire expects these companies to monitor your use of their services yet not allow advertisers access to where you go and what you buy.

In a classic illustration of double-speak, the Federal Trade Commission will be monitoring those companies who voluntarily adhere to the guidelines. (Having Big Brother look over your shoulder does not sound like voluntary to me). This is the same regime that issued flyers documenting that if you are concerned about ‘privacy’ on the internet, you are exhibiting suspicious behavior.

The regime makes public gestures (e.g. showtime) expressing the desire to protect privacy, yet their policies are far from voluntary and are not friendly to liberty at all.

Although this regime keeps the birth certificates, college transcripts and other documents of certain persons private and off limits, for you to do so makes you ‘suspicious!’. This is nothing more than Orwellian Double-Speak. The best solution to cutting your way through it is to look at what they do, not listen to what they say. In this case, they are cracking down on privacy, and wanting people like Google to provide them with even MORE user data.

Decide for yourself. With a government that says they care about privacy, turning your privacy concern into ‘suspicious’ behavior, wanting more information from service providers, and spying more, it is obvious to me. When it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck…

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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