The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

Today, many websites are going dark in protest of the heavy-handed legislation currently being considered by the CON-gress. What many of these sites have not told you is that the DNC (Democratic National Committee) chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is one of the co-sponsors of this act. The original author of the bill, Texas Congressman Lamar Smith has reportedly claimed that he sees little wrong with the bill. The author’s rarely see the problems or potential problems. The real danger is how the regime and judges will define the bill, not so much what the author intended.

We oppose the unconstitutional constraints on freedom of speech and commerce posed by SOPA. This act, like many others such as the NDAA are unwarranted and egregious overstepping of Constitutional authority by Congress. It contains provisions, like section 105 that allow the government to seize sites that in their determination pose a threat to public health. With the passage of such an act, many alternative health sites and people who have opinions contrary to the government policy on health, they are at risk of being shut down. Yes, this means information on vitamins, vaccinations, and agrarian living (including the freedom to have raw milk, raw milk cheese and other healthy items deemed ‘dangerous’ by thte government) would be in the cross-hairs of government agents. Such acts are common in police states where they want ‘centralized control’ over many if not all aspects of people’s lives.

Some surprising line-ups occurred in opposition to SOPA. This is one of the few times that Ron Paul and Lloyd Doggett have agreed in their opposition to SOPA. This is a bad bill and needs to be opposed on many grounds.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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