Carpetbaggers in Corpus Christi

It is always alarming to hear of carpetbaggers in our midst. The latest is that the Corpus Christi newspaper carried an article about the EPA’s recent power grab with its cross-state pollution regulations. The article focuses on the legal arguments made by Gregg Abbot who is fighting the empire’s power grab, and attempts to strangle Texans out of their energy. The article comes across as alarmist with references to how many deaths are being prevented based on the EPA’s figures. (Would a government agency lie in order to get it’s police state powers implemented?).

Southrons should be opposed to the EPA power grab for two reasons.

1. The empire is overstepping its Constitutional authority by usurping the State in making such regulations. The empire should be opposed on principle alone in this case. The EPA is claiming powers that it was never granted in the Constitution. It’s actions are a major threat to the people of Texas and our health. Think what a major power shortage will do to the quality of health care in hospitals and in our homes if their controls are implemented. They want to have top-down centralized control, rather than allow Texans to manage Texas affairs.

2. The regulations proposed by the EPA are based on flawed science. If we want honest government, we need scientific honesty. We need facts, not theories. We need provable results, not speculation. We need measurable observations, not projections. In other words, the EPA is forcing these policies on us based on LIES! Instead of schools being focused on social justice and occupying the universities, we need students who know enough science to recognize that the foundations of the EPA arguments are flawed.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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