Beware of USDA survey disguised as a census

Leave it to the empire to use confusion and threats to expand their power. In the latest, the USDA is sending out what they term a ‘census’, which is in reality a survey. If you sell any agricultural product, which includes livestock and made $1,000. or more you are supposed to report it to them. By using the term ‘census’ they are trying to confuse the farmers and agricultural producers. The government is allowed to do a census every ten years, which the people are by law supposed to complete. This is a misuse of the term census. It creates the impression that it is a form which is required to complete.

This ‘survey’ does not meet the legal requirement of a census. The empire is counting on people being confused in order to gain compliance and obtain information on agriculture within the realm. They want to create a database of the agriculture, farm animals, etc. Like a registration of firearms, such information in the hands of bureaucrats poses many potential dangers.

Instead of submitting to deceptive ploys, consider it junk mail, which it is. We need liberty, not more federal databases and surveys.

Liberty for Texas!

J Murrah

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